err1It is with great dismay and some frustration that we have to inform you that Emma Ruth Rundle cancelled her performance at Amplifest 2015. As you know, in 9 years as promoter and 5 editions of Amplifest, we never cancelled any show on our own initiative. When we make an agreement with someone, we take it to the end no matter what.

We hope that Emma is able to make it up to us soon.

We’re as sad as you are.

Thank you for understanding,
Amplificasom / Amplifest

Sadly, due to another festival having to cancel for lack of funds it has jeopardized my playing at Amplifest in September and made it financially impossible for me to come for the one show. I wanted very much to play in Portugal and I promise to be back as soon as I am able to do so.
Emma Ruth Rundle

É com um grande desânimo e alguma frustração que vos informarmos que a Emma Ruth Rundle cancelou o seu concerto no Amplifest 2015. Como sabem, em 9 anos de promotora e 5 edições de Amplifest, nunca cancelamos qualquer concerto por nossa iniciativa. Quando fazemos um acordo com alguém, levamo-lo até ao fim aconteça o que acontecer.

Esperamos que a Emma nos compense em breve.

Desculpem o desalento e obrigado pela compreensão,
Amplificasom/ Amplifest