Wrekmeister Harmonies

art10-final_rgb_blog copyWREKMEISTER HARMONIES
24-11-2016, QUINTA
PORTAS 21:00
INÍCIO 21:45
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Photo by by Katie Hovland

Photo by by Katie Hovland

O arrebatador misticismo dos Wrekmeister Harmonies, que navegam o espaço intersticial entre o doom, o drone, o neofolk, a clássica e a música coral, evidencia-se mais do que nunca em Light Falls, o tomo mais ambicioso da curta mas prolífica carreira discográfica dos norte-americanos. Depois de colaborações tão diversas como Marissa Nadler ou membros dos Einsturzende Neubauten e dos The Body, entre tantos outros, os Wrekmeister Harmonies rodeiam-se de novo das melhores companhias: Sophie Trudeau, Thierry Amar e Timothy Herzog, dos incontornáveis e inimitáveis Godspeed You! Black Emperor, reforçam o colectivo encabeçado por J.R. Robinson, tanto em Light Falls como em palco, durante esta digressão em que o mesmo estará em foco. A estreia dos Wrekmeister Harmonies em Portugal – e o regresso de Sophie, Thierry e Timothy após a visita com os GY!BE no Amplifest 2012 – conta com uma apresentação no Porto, a 24 de Novembro no Passos Manuel.

The breathtaking mysticism of Wrekmeister Harmonies, who navigate the interstitial space between doom, drone, neofolk, classical and choral music, is more evident than ever in Light Falls, the most ambitious chapter in their short but prolific recording career. After collaborations with musicians as diverse as Marissa Nadler or members of Einsturzende Neubauten and The Body, among many others, Wrekmeister Harmonies have again surrounded themselves with the best companion: Sophie Trudeau, Thierry Amar and Timothy Herzog, of the inimitable Godspeed You! Black Emperor, reinforce the collective led by J.R. Robinson, both in the recording of Light Falls and on stage, during this tour in which it the new album will be in focus. Wrekmeister Harmonies’ Portugal debut – and Sophie, Thierry and Timothy’s return after visiting Amplifest in 2012 with GY!BE – includes a performance in Porto, on November 24th at Passos Manuel.

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Peppered with overlapping moments of angelic beauty and bone-shaking doom.
The Quietus

Night of Your Ascension is truly an experience. It is an intricately layered musical experience crafted by a master composer with extraordinary vision and an obsessive attention to detail.
Cvlt Nation

Incredibly personal and easy to fall in love with (…) the soundtrack to your transcendent escape.
Metal Injection

Wrekmeister Harmonies’ pastoral doom has earned praise from Pitchfork, SPIN, Decibel and Invisible Oranges as a new form of metal composition and performance involving a wide variety of instrumentation.

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