AMP003: Process of Guilt - FÆMIN LP

    Band: Process of Guilt
    Title: Faemin
    Year: 2013
    Format: Gatefold 12″ 180gr black or white vinyl
    Price: 10€ (black)/ 15€ (white)
    Third album for these Portuguese sludge monsters! Taking its origin in the doom/ death scene, the band has slowly evolved toward something ways more personal and FÆMIN is here to prove that in such a manner that you’ll never forget it! Slow, loud and evil, their music strikes you like dozens of mammoth and takes your throat in such a way that it looks like it will never end. The mood is gloomy and the feeling for doomed melodies is completely beyond imagination. A dream turns to a nightmare, you’re listening to Process of Guilt’s FÆMIN.
    Listen here

    AMP001: Arthur Doyle - In Solo

    Band: Arthur Doyle
    Title: In Solo
    Year: 2012
    Format: 12″ black vinyl limited to 150 copies
    Price: 10€
    “Doyle is another matter. This man is dangerous – he never plays anything you could recognize, just furious blasts of rage. His solo on “Domiabra” couldn’t be written down, or even sorted out. It sounds more like raw energy than anything I’ve ever heard. He’s nasty, man.” These liner notes to the original issue of Noah Howard’s ‘The Black Ark’ may define perfectly also this new, incredible album by Arthur Doyle, this time ‘in solo’ for sax, flutes and voice. Those elements of African folk music delicacy and pure Albert Ayler overload that are Doyle’s trademark, are performed here like a shaman does to evoke spirits: back to the land of the ancestors, and deep into the center of Earth. This music goes beyond words; by listening to it you will feel – like us – visited by a ghost.

    AMP002: Arthur Doyle - Five Poems for the Swamp Ghost

    Band: Arthur Doyle + Gustavo Costa + Jonathan Saldanha + Filipe Silva
    Title: Five Poems for the Swamp Ghost
    Year: 2012
    Format: One side 12″ black vinyl limited to 150 copies
    Price: 10€
    Recorded at Soopa studio and featuring Arthur Doyle (sax, flutes and voice), Jonathan Saldanha, Gustavo Costa and Filipe Silva (assorted percussions, flutes and electronics), this is a beautiful, wild, cut, with Doyle’s touch being so deep, rough and gentle at the same time, while the rest of the band gives him plenty of room to spread out through minimal rythm patterns and a hypnotic work on bells and cymbals. Closing with an anthem that will give you shivers down your spine, this recording will bring you to an ancestral dimesion of mystery and joy.
    Listen here.

    AMP004: Jorge Coelho - 3 Coisas de um Poema sobre a Vontade

    Artist: Jorge Coelho
    Title: 3 Coisas de um Poema sobre a Vontade
    Year: 2015
    Format: Digital
    Price: Free
    The hypnotic simplicity of Jorge Coelho’s music in 3 Coisas de Um Poema Sobre a Vontade marks Amplificasom’s fourth release (and the first digital one). Recorded at Ampstudio by Paulo Miranda, the record is accompanied by a set of three illustrations by Pedro Lino, one for each track of the record. 3 Coisas de um Poema sobre a Vontade is a soothing display of slow arpeggios and quiet guitar strums that makes it the perfect soundtrack for all those times when you feel the need to close your eyes and drift off to a more peaceful place.
    A hipnótica singeleza da música de Jorge Coelho em 3 Coisas de Um Poema Sobre a Vontade assinala a quarta edição da Amplificasom – e a primeira em formato digital. Gravado no Ampstudio por Paulo Miranda, o registo é acompanhado por um conjunto de três ilustrações de Pedro Lino, uma para cada faixa do trabalho. 3 Coisas de hum Poema Sobre a Vontade é um balsâmico conjunto de lentos arpejos e taciturnos dedilhados que o tornam a banda sonora perfeita para todos aqueles momentos em que sentimos vontade de fechar os olhos e visitar um lugar mais pacífico do que este.