Amplifesters from far far away, prepare to fall in love with our little city. By the way, see that big red building on the right? That’s where most of the action takes place – Hard Club. More Porto here.

This is midnight music, winter music, music for wrestling wolves and smearing hot blood across your chest. This is warrior-priest music, stalking-the-shadows music. It’s music that finds ways to sound like Joy Division and Neurosis at the same time

The LO-FI BLACK MAGICK CLOCHARDS will be on the prowl in October: first below (PORTO / PORTUGAL) then above (NIDAROS / NORWAY)…. Join us to drink tears and set the night ablaze! Design by BrianvdP Urfaust Facebook

Loja dedicada exclusivamente a discos em vinil, cassetes e merchandise oficial de bandas, a BUNKER Store fica na loja nº 12, no Centro Comercial Invictos, na Rua Passos Manuel (entre o Coliseu do Porto e a Praça dos Poveiros). A localização estra