Inaugurou, no passado dia 21, uma exposição fotográfica que conta com trabalhos do nosso Tiago dos nossos Katabatic. A Casa da Zorra, aos Sábados, está aberta das 21h às 24h. De seguida, vamos para o SOIR JAA onde os também nossos Process of G

Matana Roberts is one of the most acclaimed, socio-politically conscious and aesthetically intrepid avant-jazz practitioners of the 21st century. Her multi-chapter Coin Coin work, which Constellation began documenting in 2011, has placed her at the f

Micaela Amaral tem incansavelmente desenvolvido trabalho no campo do design gráfico desde 2001, tendo colaborado activamente em múltiplos projectos relacionados com a cena musical portuense. Foi a responsável pelo grafismo dos mais recentes ciclos

When Amplificasom contacted us to play Amplifest 2014, the organizer, André told us: “this is not a festival, this is an experience” and he couldn’t be more right: bands from different continents and genre’s of music shared the same burning

I entered the world of bands and touring in 1988. After all these years I started realizing that the most important places and the most import memories are always connected to the people behind it. Meeting people who make a difference. That is all th