Esta edição promete ser sado-masoquismo para os nossos ouvidos, no melhor sentido possível – vai ser catártico. – WAV É festival com cartaz para fazer crescer água na boca a várias espécies de melómanos. – Público Evento de el

Writer’s Block* With Emanuel Pereira, José Carlos Santos, José Rodrigues and Luiz Mazetto. Saturday 19th from 17:00 to 17:45 Music changes, and so do the ones who listen to it, who write and who read about it. While the internet might have se

Este ano seremos uma família de mais de 15 países! Para facilitar, a info segue em inglês. Obrigado por compreenderem. Music, films, amplitalks, records, exhibition and moments of sharing between artists and audience. We’ll do in a sole weekend

Please have in mind that the running order was chosen with the utmost attention. As you know, every band and every slot at Amplifest is important. Also, every band is playing the time they requested, we simply adapt ourselves to their requests while

Here’s an update to let you know that 43% of the amplifesters that bought the ticket so far are coming from outside of Portugal. Please have in mind that Amplifest is limited to 1000 people so judging by the pre-sales and the Facebook numbers (