Oathbreaker aren’t ones to be afraid of experimentation; the Belgian band, affiliated with the Church of Ra artistic collective – along with Amenra, Hessian and others – have always tinted their vicious brand of hardcore with foreign elements s

The most infamous of all of Dominick Fernow’s many alter egos, Prurient is also the one that holds the most destructive power. Abrasive, confrontational and uncomfortable, Prurient’s artistic output has shifted from the raw waves of noise and sta

Hailing from the Basque Country, the mysterious quartet Altarage are already a whirlwind of all-encompassing darkness and unrestrained violence – and they have just finished unpacking their set of torture tools. Recently signed on cult label Iron B

Estávamos em 2013 e a Sala 2 do Hard Club não conseguia alojar mais uma única alma entre as suas paredes; ali, os Downfall of Gaia apresentavam em pleno Amplifest o seu então recente disco Suffocating in the Swarm of Cranes, num concerto que, par

Despite their relative youth as a band, the border between being promising and being a certainty has long been crossed by Hope Drone. Cloak of Ash, their debut for Relapse, is an 80 minutes long tour-de-force throughout the post-black metal and doom

Being one of the genre’s most recognized names, but without ever succumbing to repeating post-rock’s most immediate formula, and taken by a constant need to overcome their past selves, Caspian always faced every step of their career as a rena

A secret kept inside their homeland Israel’s borders for way too long, Tiny Fingers have been slowly garnering some of the much attention they deserve – and we, as well, deserve to have their music shared with us. Already with four albums in thei

Back from a hiatus, and with new blood in their ranks breathing life into their atmospheric and psych-infused post-metal, Minsk are finally set to make their long overdue return to Portugal, where they last played in the too distant year of 2009. The