We announced the portuguese debut (!) of the legendary Neurosis on December 11th; this was followed by the announcement of another 23 bands which are listed below – in alphabetical order, since at Amplifest every band is equally relevant and import

After playing at Amplifest twice – in the 2012 and 2015 editions, fronting the hypnotic despair of Amenra, Colin Van Eeckhout returns to present his solo work, released under the moniker CHVE. Breaking away from the unbridled aggression of Amenra,

Encompassing the celestial and the terrestrial, embracing both light and occult and belonging both to nature and magic, Hexvessel journey us into a forest where their autumnal, psychedelic folk melodies ring throughout the trees. When We Are Death, t

A dark road bridging doom, sludge and the vicious spew of hardcore is home for the power-trio Redemptus, one of the most lauded bands to come out of the Portuguese underground scene in the last few years. Punishing and tenebrous, but honest and emoti

​A household name in the Latvian underground, Tesa have been perfecting their forward-thinking brand of noise-tinged post-metal for more than ten years now, with several records, tours and festival appearances on their resume. Invited by Neurosis t

From modern classical to black metal, jazz, goth and many, many more – Kayo Dot has never treaded the same path twice throughout their kaleidoscopic and ambitious body of work. But the twists and turns through different genres and aesthetics are pa

Zatokrev’s singer, guitar player and songwriter Frederyk Rotter has found himself in a quieter place as The Leaving – the name of his solo project where the doom and the gloom of his main band are put aside in favor of and acoustic output that is

With a sound that’s none but their own, Sinistro masterfully add a melancholy that’s borrowed from fado and from the very Portuguese concept of saudade – in the form of singer’s Patrícia Andrade poignant wail – atop a barrage of monolithic

After the well-received debut The Absence of Void, Portugal’s best kept secret Névoa are setting up to release Re Un, a sophomore record that pushes their craft to much greater heights. Recently signed on Avantgarde Music, Névoa have expanded the