“A cosmic rendering…”

Daniel O’Sullivan of Grumbling Fur, Miracle, Ulver, Aethenor &c &c appears here in his Mothlite incarnation with an excellent, spacial remix of a track from Portuguese artist RA. O’Sullivan has deconstructed the track and added spoken word taken from a Jack Vance short story called The Mitr. Says Ricardo Remèdio, who is RA, “Roughly two years after I’ve released my first EP, the first of the four remixes I’ve commissioned – one for each song – finally sees the light of day. It was made by Daniel O’Sullivan, who transformed the original song into an amazing rendition of the sci-fi short story The Mitr, by Jack Vance. I can say it gave me goosebumps the first time I heard it – which doesn’t happen very often.”

O The Quietus a curtir RA. Aqui.