A rodar…

Animal Hospital – Animal Hospital (2004)
Boris – Vein (2006)

Mercury Tilt Swtch – Kiprono (2006)
Mogwai – Zidane A 21st Century Portrait OST (2006)
Spylacopa & Souvenir’s Young America – Split (2006)
Swans – Swans are Dead (live 95-97) (1998)
The Red Krayola – Introduction (2006)


  1. Crestfall

    O que é esse Boris??

    E que tal essa OST de Mogwai? SErá que o filme vai estrear cá?

  2. ::Andre::

    After two years of work Boris’ vinyl only album Vein is finally available.
    Vein is a 36 minute Boris spectacular pressed on clear vinyl with a screen printed image following the outer perimeter of the vinyl. The record is packaged in a thick mylar jacket with two thick screen printed mylar inserts – one for the front and one for the back. The front and back images line up to create a landscape scene.
    Every aspect of this beautiful release was planned and designed by Boris and they have stated that it has very special meaning for them. Limited edition of 1500.