Amplifest 2012: a look through Jorge Silva’s lens

Barn Owl opening Amplifest at Passos Manuel

Mainfloor as soon as we opened doors

Colin (Amenra) and Poia (Ufomammut) chatting near the merch area

A tireless technician making sure the band will have the sound they need

Six Organs' soundcheck

It was a pleasure to have you here again, Mr. Chasny.

Who doesn't love to buy records?

"Hello! We are Bohren & der Club of Gore and we come from West Germany"

Saturday was definitely a much more prettier day

Process of Guilt playing for a completely packed room

AMENRA left everything on stage, souls included.

Ricardo, the brain behing Löbo and RA

Jozef at the cathedral... Magical.

How do we describe these guys?


Necro Deathmort: another band debuting in Portugal. What a trip!

Eugene and Niko aka Oxbow Duo. THE Amplifest show for many people.

It was like... the perfect show ever?

Thank you, God's Pee!

We dedicate our festival to you, Sophie.


  1. Tony Damien

    Isto sim foi um excelente fest. Se o cartaz do poxímo ano for assim tão bom tou lá!