Amplifest 2012: a look through Jorge Silva's lens

Barn Owl opening Amplifest at Passos Manuel

Mainfloor as soon as we opened doors

Colin (Amenra) and Poia (Ufomammut) chatting near the merch area

A tireless technician making sure the band will have the sound they need

Six Organs' soundcheck

It was a pleasure to have you here again, Mr. Chasny.

Who doesn't love to buy records?

"Hello! We are Bohren & der Club of Gore and we come from West Germany"

Saturday was definitely a much more prettier day

Process of Guilt playing for a completely packed room

AMENRA left everything on stage, souls included.

Ricardo, the brain behing Löbo and RA

Jozef at the cathedral... Magical.

How do we describe these guys?


Necro Deathmort: another band debuting in Portugal. What a trip!

Eugene and Niko aka Oxbow Duo. THE Amplifest show for many people.

It was like... the perfect show ever?

Thank you, God's Pee!

We dedicate our festival to you, Sophie.