Amplifest 2015: we believe you can fly

Hard Club, Amplifest's heart, at 2pm.

Hard Club, Amplifest’s heart, at 2pm.

We’ll be a big family at Amplifest 2015, there’s people coming from more than 15 european countries so far. Still, here’s a tip for the ones who are making plans:
Ryanair 2015
Ryanair has more than 30 routes to Porto and most of them are really really cheap. 10€ from Lisboa, 15€ from Madrid, 20€ from Barcelona, Paris or Brussels, 23€ from Milano, Bologna or Liverpool. There’s plenty of good deals at RYANAIR. Also, companies like Easyjet, Vueling and Transavia have several cheap routes to Porto as well. You can check more at SKYSCANNER.

Join us on the next edition and stay here a couple of extra days, Porto is beautiful.