Amplifest 2016: Hexvessel cancelled

Band Photo - HexvesselIt is with great dismay that we have to inform you that Hexvessel cancelled their performance at Amplifest 2016. We understand their reasons and we hope to have them here as soon as possible.
As you know, we’re two weeks away from Amplifest 2016 so, due to logistical reasons, we won’t be able to find a replacement. We hope you understand it.
Thank you for being there.
Amplificasom/ Amplifest

We deeply apologise for having to cancel these two shows (ArcTanGent and Amplifest). We apologise to our British and Portuguese friends who were looking forward to seeing us play. Unfortunately the costs involved were far greater than our fees for the events, and the shows we had planned to set up around these festivals, to cover our travel expenses, fell through. We are not a band that takes cancelling shows lightly, and have never done so before. We always try to work things out, even if it means a financial loss for the band. In this case we simply couldn’t find any way to make these trips happen, no matter how hard we tried. We hope to be able to arrange new dates in both the UK and Portugal as soon as possible and make it up to you. Much love and thanks to the festival organisers and those attending for their understanding. Shine on.

É com um grande desânimo que vos informarmos que os Hexvessel cancelaram o seu concerto no Amplifest 2016. Compreendemos as suas razões e esperamos tê-los por cá o mais breve possível.
Como sabem, estamos a duas semanas do Amplifest 2016 e neste momento, por razões logísticas, é impossível encontrar uma substituição. Esperamos que compreendam.
Obrigado por estarem aí.
Amplificasom/ Amplifest