Artwork by Micaela Amaral
Seremos uma família de mais de 25 países! Para facilitar, a info segue em inglês. Obrigado por compreenderem.

Frequently Asked Questions

Concerts, films, Amplitalks, exhibitions, craftbeer bar and moments of sharing between artists and audience. We’ll do in two weekends what we’ve been doing all our lives: work for the sake of art with ambitious proposals.

Our Amplifest 2022 page will be updated on a regular basis with all the info you need to know (portuguese and english) and this FAQ will also be updated on our way to Amplifest 2022, but since we’re living what we’re living there are questions that you need to be answered asap. Here are some examples:


You: How many bands on each weekend?

Ampli: Expect 24-26 bands per weekend plus amplitalks, exhibitions, films and lots of unforgettable moments. And remember: there are no clashes at Amplifest, there are no overlapping shows so you can actually see all bands.

You: Envy and Wolves in the Throne Room were confirmed for Amplifest 2021 and I don’t see them at FDS1, what happened?

Ampli: Envy promised that they will play Amplifest 2022 but they need more time to confirm the exact date. Regarding WITTR, the band believes that their EU tour will take place this year so for now they can’t confirm that they’re still coming to Porto in 2022.

You: When will you announce more bands?

Ampli: From now onwards, we’ll be announcing bands for both weekends on a regular basis – make sure you follow us on our page, Facebook and Instagram.


Amplifest’s artwork since 2015 by the one and only Micaela Amaral

You: What’s the meaning of FDS?

FDS is the initials for “fim de semana” which means “weekend” in portuguese. We also use it as “foda-se” – you can ask later what it means – and we found it appropriate for this next edition.

You: I have a ticket for Amplifest 2021 and I want to go to Amplifest 2022, what do I have to do?

Ampli: Your ticket is valid for the first weekend only (FDS1), you don’t have to do anything – just wait a little bit more and soon we’ll be together.

You: I have a ticket for Amplifest 2021 and I want to go to both weekends of Amplifest 2022, what should I do?

Ampli: You can buy FDS2 with a 25€ discount until august 15 limited to the existing stock and enjoy both weekends. You need to bring both e-tickets with you! Note that during the purchase you need to insert the Ref. No. of your Amplifest 2021 ticket (see the image below):

You: I don’t have a ticket and I want to go to both Amplifest weekends, can I?

Ampli: You definitely should: there’s a very limited Amplipack FDS1+FDS2 for a special price of 205€.

You: I only want to go to FDS2, what do I need to do?

Ampli: Tickets are already on sale, GY!BE is the first announced band!

You: Will there be tickets for FDS1 only?

Ampli: Depending on the refunds, tickets for FDS1 can be available on november 15.

You: Can I exchange my Amplifest 2021 ticket for the FDS2 (the second weekend)?

We’re sorry but due to different reasons that’s not going to be possible.

You: What if Amplifest 2022 gets cancelled?

Ampli: We’re all dead then, aren’t we? Seriously, if the world is completely upside down by october 2022 and Amplifest 2022 gets cancelled then you’ll get your money back right after the cancellation.

You: I love you but I want my Amplifest 2021 money back.

Ampli: Are you sure? :( The current law doesn’t demand the refund of the money for a postponed event, but only those who do not know us won’t understand the consideration we have for all of you that might be living difficult times. No, it was not cancelled, it’s posponed, but if anyone needs a refund you can request it directly at See Tickets Portugal from october 11th to october 28th of 2021 – expect to receive your money around mid/ end of november 2021. We hope that no one asks for it and we hope that everyone joins us on the second weekend as well.

Last but not least: be aware that some horrendous people will try to rip you off so DO NOT buy any second hand ticket/ DO NOT transfer any money without confirming with See Tickets Portugal if it’s legit.

This is an example of a See Tickets ticket looks like:


Our city is beautiful, isn’t it? Thank you for the picture, Jorge Silva.

Hard Club, with its blood-red painted iron structure, is the very heart of Amplifest. An historic building that dates back to the 18th century, it stands in one of the most beautiful parts of Porto, with a view to the Douro river and only minutes away from the city center. Originally intended to function as a market, it has been renovated as a music venue. Hard Club holds two rooms, Sala 1 (Bürostage) and Sala 2 (Oitava Colina Stage), with a capacity for 1000 and 400 people respectively. Between these two rooms, a large corridor – the mainfloor (600 people) – will welcome the exhibition, Craftbeer Bar by Oitava Colina, merchandise stands, record stalls and also serve as a communal area to hang out between shows.

This FAQ will be updated on a regular basis with more info as the performance times, where to collect your wristband, food and drinks, lost & found, promoter’s advices, etc etc etc. Still, in case of any doubts feel free to contact us to amp @ amplificasom . com (no blanks)

Thank you for joining us!