Concerts, films, Amplitalks, exhibitions, craft beer bar and moments of sharing between artists and audience. As always, we work tirelessly for the sake of art.

Our Amplifest 2024 page will be updated on a regular basis with all the info you need to know (Portuguese and English) and this FAQ will also be updated on our way to Amplifest 2024, but here are some of the most pressing questions:


Where can I buy tickets?

Tickets are available through See Tickets and can be purchased here.

I have a weekend pass. Do I still need to get a ticket for the events on Friday, November 8th?

We will announce the Friday’s line up and will give you more info about it within the next months.

Is there any chance of going to Amplifest after it’s fully sold out?

You can check Ticketswap as someone might want to sell their tickets if they’re unable to come.
Be wary of scams, though, as we cannot help you if you get ripped off. See Tickets can help you verify if a ticket is legit. Tickets should look like this:

I bought a ticket from someone else / someone bought a ticket for me but it has their name on it. Will it still be valid?

Yes, the name on the ticket does not matter.

I bought a ticket but I won’t be able to go / I want a refund. What should I do?

Refunds are subject to See Tickets’ Consumer Terms and Conditions. If you have any additional questions, please contact them through this form.

Is the ticket enough to be admitted into the rooms where the shows take place?

No, you have to exchange it for a wristband at the Amplioffice located at Hard Club. This applies for daily tickets as well. Check the plant further down this page to see the location.

Will I receive a physical copy of the ticket? Do I need to print it?

No, you’ll just receive it through your e-mail. You don’t need to print the ticket, but we’d suggest you download it to your phone just in case there are connectivity problems or other unforeseen circumstances.

I lost my digital ticket, what should I do?

You can download it again or request a new e-mail from See Tickets through their form .

Can minors attend Amplifest 2024?

You have to be at least 16 years old to attend the event. If you’re under 18, you also have to be accompanied by an adult.

Can I go as a volunteer?

We currently run Amplifest without volunteers.

Are there VIP tickets?

At Amplifest, all tickets are VIP tickets: many bands tend to enjoy each other’s shows and mingle with the crowd, chatting and having drinks with their fans. It’s one of the reasons we label Amplifest an experience instead of “just” a music festival.

Line-up & Schedule

How many bands are there per day?

Expect 10 shows per day, plus Amplitalks, a mainfloor exhibition and other iniciatives that we will only announce closer to the date. Still, regarding the line up please note that there are no clashes at Amplifest, there are no overlapping shows, so you can actually see all bands. However, the Beerfreaks stage has a smaller capacity, so be there earlier if you really don’t want to miss something.

Will you announce more bands?

The line-up for the weekend is now complete.

But, what happened to Zombi?

Steve has been offered an irrefutable offer to score a mini series and he’s now unable to do this European tour. We’re devastated, but we completely understand the reason behind it and both Zombi and Amplifest wish to cross their paths in the near future

How early do the doors open / how late do the shows end?

Come here a few weeks before, the information about it will be accurate. We’re planning to open doors around 12:00, with shows starting around 13:30. Come here later, everything will be mentioned on the timetable.

Are there meet & greets?

There will be a lot of opportunities to talk to your favourite artists, as many of the artists featured at Amplifest enjoy watching each other’s shows, wandering around Hard Club and the city, or having a drink with their fans. Please be respectful, especially during private moments (dinner, etc) but don’t be shy!

What does “Amplitalks” mean?

Our artists and guests tend to be the most down-to-earth people you’ll find, and if you need any proof you just need to come to one of the talks during Amplifest. In previous editions, we’ve had members of Sunn O))), Amenra, Neurosis, Emma Ruth Rundle, etc etc discussing among them their musical ventures outside of their comfort zone; journalists from music magazines commenting on the difficulties that come with writing about such a subjective topic; and even the organisers of other European festivals unveiling some secrets behind their incredible endeavours. Of course, the audience also has the chance to ask any questions.

How can I stay updated?

You can follow us on Facebook and Instagram. You can also go to to stay constantly up-to-date and, at the bottom of the page, you have the option to subscribe to our newsletter.

Getting to Amplifest

I’m coming from abroad. Are there currently any travel restrictions in Portugal?

You can use the Visit Portugal website, which is available in multiple languages, to stay updated.

How’s the weather like in Porto?

First November edition ever because we want to celebrate Amplificasom’s 18th anniversary at Amplifest. It won’t be a Summer day like the September editions we had before but expect a temperature between 14ºC-18ºC. Be sure to explore the city if you can!

I don’t know Porto. Where should I stay/which areas should I avoid?

Generally speaking, you’ll be safe in Porto. The downtown area around the São Bento train station, for instance, is very touristy and alive throughout the night. It’s also within walking distance to the Hard Club venue where Amplifest will be taking place. Locals tend to be friendly and usually speak a bit of English.

Take your general precautions regarding suspicious behavior, walking alone in dark alleys and so on. If you do need to call the Portuguese emergency number, it’s 112.

On a lighter note, check the bottom of the Amplifest page for some suggestions regarding places to visit.

How do I get to Porto?

If coming by plane, Porto’s airport is called Aeroporto Francisco Sá Carneiro (or simply Aeroporto do Porto).
From there, you can take the subway (choose “Aeroporto” as your starting point) and “São Bento” is the closest one to Hard Club, the main venue.
You can also take an STCP bus – either 601 or 602 (exit at the last stop, at Cordoaria), or the nocturnal 3M (exit at the last stop, Aliados). Make sure you select the day first, as the schedule may change on the weekends.
If you’re coming by train , the Porto – São Bento Station is within walking distance to Hard Club and it also has a subway station.

Where does Amplifest take place?

Hard Club is (and always has been) Amplifest’s main venue. We’ll give you more info about other iniciatives/venues some weeks before this edition.

Can I go by car? Where can I park?

You might find some traffic, mostly on Friday. If you’re feeling lucky, there’s an indoors parking lot right in front of Hard Club.

Are there places to stay within walking distance?

The Hard Club venue is located in an area that’s always full of life and tourists, so it’s likely that you’ll stay at a place close to it. Even if it’s a little further away, we highly suggest you enjoy the walk and Porto’s streets.

Is there camping?

Amplifest is right at the heart of Porto. It’s an urban festival through and through, so there aren’t any camping areas.

Amplifest’s Venue(s)

As said before, Amplifest takes place at Hard Club, a venue located inside Mercador Ferreira Borges, a historic building from the XIX century. This map above is from the previous edition so you cna have an idea of the space, a new one will be uploaded here a few weeks before Amplifest 2024.

Is there an ATM inside Hard Club?

There is no machine inside Hard Club, but you have some options nearby, for instance in Rua Mouzinho da Silveira.

Is there food at the venue? Can I bring food/drinks inside?

You can bring your own food and drinks to the common areas, but not inside the actual rooms where the shows take place. On the upper floor you’ll find a restaurant that will serve you some sandwiches if you don’t want to miss a riff or a warm meal if you want a more relaxed dinner. There are some bars inside both rooms where you can get your drinks, while the bar just outside the venue serves food as well.

Please note that neither the restaurant or bars are our responsibility.

Is there food suitable for me if I have allergies/restrictions?

Please check Hard Club’s menu or mention your restrictions when ordering your food.

Can I smoke inside?

You cannot smoke inside the venue.

Is there Wi-Fi?

There’s Wi-Fi at Hard Club so if you feel like it share your Instagram and Facebook posts with us. But to be completely honest, Amplifest is about living it without any mobiles around.

I lost/found something. What should I do?

If you lose something during Amplifest, please warn the staff at the “Amplioffice”. If you find something please deliver it there as well.

Will there be merch for sale?

There will be band merch, records and t-shirts stalls, etc., but we can’t promise you that all bands will bring their merch (some may decide that it’s not worth it due to logistics and/or Portuguese taxes).

Which payment methods are available for merch, food, etc?

Good ol’ cash (Euros) always works. Additional payment options (debit card, Paypal, etc.) are the responsibility of the venue and of each merch seller.

I have a disability. Is the venue accessible for me?

There are no stairs and our audience is respectful, so you should be able to enjoy the shows. However, please be mindful that there is no separate area for people with disabilities nor are there specially-equipped restrooms. Please contact us through email at if you need help with this issue.

Can I leave and reenter the venue?

As long as you keep your wristband on, you can even leave and reenter the country 🙂

Are there lockers or a cloakroom available?

There are two cloakrooms (marked in the picture above) where you can drop your stuff for a small fee, but try not to bring any luggage or bags with you.

Is first aid available at the venue?

Yes, please alert the staff or the “Amplioffice” by the entrance in case you need support.


I want to cover Amplifest. How should I proceed?

Send us a request through with all the necessary info: day(s) you wish to cover, publication name and language, your name and role (writer, photographer…), etc. This has to be done by October 25th and we’ll reply as soon as possible.

Can I take pictures/film during the shows?

We understand that everything’s posted on social media nowadays, but please keep it to the very minimum and be mindful of the artists and of the people around you. On the mainfloor, please be respectful and ask permission before doing close-ups/portraits.
Professional cameras are not allowed unless you have a pass.

What is the Exhibition mentioned below the lineup?

We like to have exhibitions from artists that work with visual media. More info soon.

Who’s responsible for Amplifest’s artwork?

The person behind the Amplifest artwork since 2015 is the incredibly talented Micaela Amaral. For this edition, the artwork was by André Coelho and the design by Micaela.