Amplifest logo by Bürocratik

Amplifest_KWhile we work hard towards the 5th Amplifest edition, there’s something that needs to be shared with all of you now that the new logo is out there on the Earth posters: we wouldn’t be here without Bürocratik.

They’re the ones not only behind this beautiful site where we share these words but also the Amplifest page and now our new Amplifest logo.

We had an obvious goal: we wanted to redefine our branding by connecting the different worlds in our Ampliuniverse. Either it’s an Amplificasom show, an Amplifest edition/ initiative or an Amplimix compilation on every friday, the A now links it all leaving at the same time some space for each one to grow individually.
A_perfil_600x600_KSimply put, we believe that a brand is a promise to a customer. You’re not a “customer” and you’ll never be, you’re part of our family, but this is a way to tell you what you can expect from our events/ initiatives/ products/ services, a way to differentiate ourselves from all the noise that’s out there. Whenever you see the A, you know that you’re in good hands, you know that’s going to be good, you know that you’re buying something with a quality stamp on it.

Anyway, like the best logos around, with great style, personality and simplicity, Büro did what we were looking for and we can’t wait to start showing you what they have in mind.

You know, nobody will ever achieve anything worthwhile without help and we at Amplificasom/ Amplifest are eternally greatful for their continuous support and friendship since day one. Sometimes we feel we don’t deserve them, we just hope we do.

Thank you for everything, Bürocratik.