OCTOBER 19th & 20th



In case we didn’t make it clear with the two past editions of Amplifest, the third one shall make it straight: Amplifest is not a music festival. Amplifest is an experience. A two-day sharing experience during which artists, musicians, illustrators, photographers and label managers have a chance to interact directly with their audience.

After having bands such as Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Godflesh, Six Organs of Admittance, Bohren & Der Club of Gore and Ufomammut walking in the mainfloor, speaking with fans, and exploding our minds in the two stages of Amplifest; after having Seldon Hunt and Malleus Rock

Art Lab exhibiting their best works in the walls of Mercado Ferreira Borges; and after screening documentaries such as “Blood, Sweat + Vinyl” and “In Between the Notes: A Portrait of Pandit Pran Nath”, Amplifest is officially back for a two day effort with some of the best artists around the globe.

This time around Amplifest will be featuring a third stage. Concerts and all of Amplifest’s program will take place in Hard Club’s stages 1 and 2 and in O Meu Mercedes. Gosh, have we missed it!

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Hard Club

41º8'31"N 8º36'54"W

Where to park: It's weekend, park safely and for free wherever you find a spot. There's an underground parking right in front of Hard Club (check the prices before enter).


Airport: There are many low-cost companies flying to Porto, to name few: Easyjet, Ryanair, Transavia, Vueling.

After landing in Porto, take the Metro, line E, and change to line D at Trindade Station. Leave at São Bento Station (two stations after) and walk 5min downhill through Mouzinho da Silveira street.


Rede Expresso (Bus): Leave the Batalha station turning right, cross the square, continue to 31 de Janeiro Street, turn left towards São Bento station and once you reach Mouzinho da Silveira street it's just a 5 min walk to Hard club.



O meu Mercedes

41°8'26"N 8°36'41"W

From Hard Club: Go into the direction of the river, enjoy the sights, pass through a big cube (1970s modern sculpture by José Rodrigues) in Ribeira Square and, a few meters after, you'll find an Amplifest sign. Mercedes is like in Porto's sub-world, it might look difficult to find it but we promise you'll enjoy it!



We do believe Amplifest is something to be lived in its entirety.
Having that in mind, daily tickets will be highly limited.

Weekend tickets

Until August 30th ONLY at Amplistore 45€

Until September 30th 50€

From October 1st until the great day comes 55€

Day tickets

Available at Amplistore on September 16th if the weekend tickets don't sell out 35€

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Online: AMPLISTORE (print or bring the voucher in your smartphone, It's mandatory)

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Porto: Hard Club, Jojo's /, Louie Louie, Piranha e Matéria Prima

Lisboa: Carbono Lisboa, Carbono Amadora, Flur e Matéria Prima

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What to do when we are preparing everything

Porto is a very beautiful city, especially the downtown area known as Baixa. For those who do not know it, we advise a stroll and a beer or a glass of Port Wine at Ribeira near the Douro River, crossing D. Luiz Iron Bridge, and once in Gaia, most definitively, experience the enchantment of Porto’s sightseeing.

Near Hard Club, which is also an historic building (Mercado Ferreira Borges, a fine example of Portuguese iron architecture from the XIX century), you can visit the gothic architecture of Igreja de S. Francisco, filled with the richness of golden baroque carving, the neoclassic Palácio da Bolsa and wander around beautiful narrow alleys and picturesque streets...

A 5 Minutes’ walk will take you to Nicolau Nasoni’s baroque architecture of Torre dos Clérigos (if you can, don’t miss the chance of going up

there), visit the Portuguese Photography Center at the neoclassic Cadeia da Relação do Porto, Livraria Lello and its amazing staircase, admire Rua dos Clérigos modernist architecture, the elegant Avenida dos Aliados and the stunning tile panels of Estação de São Bento… Go a little more upwards to visit Sé Catedral do Porto and Teatro Nacional de São João, play a game of cards with the locals at Praça da Batalha and plunge in Rua de Santa Catarina’s movement...

Take the subway to visit Casa-Rem-Koolhaas-da-Música and wander a bit more to Museu-Siza-Vieira-de-Serralves and its beautiful gardens. Don’t forget to visit the romantic garden of Palácio de Cristal and the famous art galleries of Miguel Bombarda Street.

Porto is an unique city and the only one where Amplifest could ever take place!

What the press said

Accreditation until October 5th.

Aluk Todolo

Enigmatic French trio Aluk Todolo will lead the Amplifest audience throughout a caleidoscopic trip aboard a frantic locomotive powered by black metal riffing and operated on a krautrock-induced hypnotic trance. Already considered by many as their magnum opus, Aluk Todolo’s latest record Occult Rock managed to stretch even further the boundaries of their already unique sound. Expect a ritualistic journey of repetition and groove, all drenched on an electrified mist of dissonant psychedelia.

Body/Head (Kim Gordon & Bill Nace)

The sole mention of Kim Gordon’s name – founding member, songwriter and permanent musician in the now inactive but forever legendary Sonic Youth – would be enough to introduce Body/Head without leaving any sort of doubt about their superior quality. This, however, becomes irrelevant when the music of the duo - the other half being the avant-garde musician Bill Nace – has the power to speak for itself. With their debut album “Coming Apart” set to be released this September on Matador Records, Body/Head have already built a solid reputation based on their live shows, where any limits that rock music may be thought to have are wiped off by the fearless and cacophonic exploration of their instruments’ possibilities and where the mood setting visuals made out from old movies also play a part. In the end, Body/Head embody both the musical maturity of Gordon and Nace and the definite proof that creativity, genius, and the will to cross boundaries do not run out with youth, neither because of success or widespread acclaim.

Chelsea Wolfe

There’s few words that can describe what Chelsea Wolfe and her voice can do to the unaware music listeners and lover. If there’s something paranormal happening in her songs, and we shall say there is, it’s all because of Chelsea’s own love for music, frequencies and what it can do to a human being. That is what connects the singer-songwriter to their audience, actually: it doesn’t matter how far much she’ll distance herself from the listener, her music will always keep the really close, either haunting you with electrifying rock or with some of the most beautiful folk songs. Later this year Chelsea Wolfe will be releasing a new full-length effort, which she’ll be playing in Amplifest.


Deafheaven are a one of a kind band; an outfit capable of twisting a genre until it turns exactly the opposite of what it has always been. Despite all the twists “Sunbather”’s black metal still sounds like black metal, still plays by the same rules and still knocks our socks off with breathtaking tremolo picking and blast beats. This record is more than a genre; it is the solid proof of the band’s overwhelming creativity and ability to paint beautiful daylight summer landscapes with trve dark music. Deafheaven never ceased to amaze with their live performances, but now they’ve got Sunbather to show how a great effort can be way better with great substance.

Downfall of Gaia

To actually watch a sludgy and atmospheric groove meet the lust for chaos in the beautiful and theatrical ways of black metal and hardcore is something to witness at least once in life. Downfall of Gaia with their opus Suffocating in the Swarm of Cranes have been providing the perfect chance to break our necks just by headbanging vigorously in the ecstasy of the blast beat; to reach out in mayhem and bend our spines with the heaviest and most intense breakdowns. Their last record made it all clear: the Hamburg-based outfit have the world on their feet and are willing to crash it. In a nutshell, we shall expect nothing less from their upcoming show in Amplifest.


There's something about Evangelista that cannot be explained. That is, actually, what the sound of Carla Bozulich is all about: the american singer-songwriter in the form of Evangelista, the experimental-noise outfit coming from the headquarters of Constellation Records, sounds like the unknown, the darkness beyond it and the light around it. Bozulich and her most recent endeavors are the perfect embodiment of the inexplicable and of what exceeds the human condition. For Amplifest we shall expect no less than a cathartic and beautiful performance.

From the Bogs of Aughiska

Slowly wandering between dark ethereal landscapes and walls of menacing distortion, From The Bogs Of Aughiska’s particularly bleak take on the Dark Ambient genre will lead you on an out-of-body experience to the most isolated and forgotten Irish countryside. Having shared the stage with acts such as Ulver, Altar Of Plagues and Boyd Rice, From The Bogs Of Aughiska are definitely a name one should keep a close eye on and yet another show nobody will want to miss at Amplifest.


Breaking away from the more melody-driven sound usually birthed on Scandinavian countries, Galvano can be considered the Swedish answer to the North American sludge scene where bands like Black Cobra or High On Fire dwell. The guitar/voice and drums duo, accomplices in the violent sonic assault they perpetrate, has on their debut album “Two Titans” all the material they need for a show that will surely be one of the most devastating and neck-injuring moments of Amplifest.


Blending industrial, noise and power electronics, Pharmakon’s music is definitely apocalyptic in its nature but still manages to crawl sneakily into the listener’s mind with its slow pace of deep, droning percussion. The orchestration of this infernal gathering of chainsaw synth tones, eerie phased-out singing, horrific screaming and blankets of black noise is the lone work of the Brooklyn-based musician Margaret Chardiet, whose first widespread record “Abandon” has just been released by Sacred Bones. Just like its music, Pharmakon’s live performances are as terrifying, nightmare-inducing and otherworldly intense as one can expect.

Russian Circles

Russian Circles are the ultimate instrumental metal outfit. They’re the outcome of a crossover between technical knowledge and post-rock’s spatial ambient and harmonic possibilities, proving from record to record they instrumental music can still be the freshest thing on music’s block. At Amplifest’13 the trio will be playing a set full of new material to be released in the full-length successor of their last and critically acclaimed record, Empros. Time to live yet again a performance from a humongous machine.


Dark, dense and firmly rooted to the drone genre, Thisquietarmy’s music also manages to reference the shoegaze of My Bloody Valentine and the abstract sonic tapestries of Fennesz or Tim Hecker. Between a wide array of collaborative endeavours and an almost non-stopping touring schedule, the perpetually busy Canadian musician Eric Quach will stop by Amplifest for a show with his main solo project. Thisquietarmy’s live shows are largely improvisational and provide a massive sensorial impact that leaves a lasting impression on those who witness them.

Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats

Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats have a pretty self-explanatory name. The Deadbeats have all the groove need to create a good and sludgy hard rock and Uncle Acid, well… that’s the obvious part: K.R. Starrs aka Uncle Acid is the voice from 60s influenced psychedelia, screeming and screeching from each guitar solo and heavy riff in the British band. After putting out Volume 1 and Bloodlust, the Cambridge based band released Mind Control, an effort as doomy as Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats have always been, and as psyched out as any soberish band can aim be at most. Let’s just say this is not their “at most”, which is something to be experienced live, at Amplifest.

Year of No Light

Between the crushing darkness of their music and the stunning light show that supports their live presentations, the instrumental outfit Year Of No Light will hit the Amplifest stage armed to the teeth with an arsenal which comprises two drummers, three guitar players and other sonic weaponry to present their next record Tocsin. Mixing the bludgeoning and hostile weight of doom metal and the funereal ambience of post-rock in its most desolate form, and still leaving room for some black metal hints to emerge, Year Of No Light are set to drain every shred of light from Hard Club with their performance.


Thunderous yet unyielding. Ominous but cathartic. Organic yet sharp sounding. Switzerland’s own Zatokrev rank among the very few bands which have managed to distance themselves from the sea of faceless copycats that surged as collateral damage from post-metal’s tremendous rise in popularity. With their third full-length record “The Bat, The Wheel and a Long Road to Nowhere” on their hands, Zatokrev will not only corroborate all these attributes on their Amplifest show but will also astonish all those unaware of their ferocity.

À L'Est de l'enfer

Directed by Aluk Todolo’s bass player Matthieu Canaguier, the documentary À L’Est de L’Enfer portrays the black metal scene in the city of Surabaya in Indonesia – a country immersed in a much different culture from the Europe that gave birth to black metal. Following the lives of three musicians of this movement, À L’Est de L’Enfer documents the prejudice and marginalization this counterculture is subjected to in Indonesia; but in the end it is the is the definitive proof that black metal is and will forever be an universal language of spiritual freedom and personal catharsis.

Black Bombaim & La La La Ressonance

Black Bombaim and la la la resonance stand, each in their own way and within their own genres, for the best instrumental music being written in Europe right now. The first ones build some of the most humongous and groovie riffs, colouring them in psychedelic guitar trips; the second ones, in the other hand, take an approach to visuals through music, exploring the most cinematic side of post-rock with jazz tendencies. In common they have not only a hometown, but a uncontrollable will to always try different things. And now they have each other in common, in an effort to make stoner and post rock to act as a one very well oiled machine. We advise you to take some sips of what they’ve been doing, because in Amplifest it will all come to a dive in some of the most richest tunes you’ll listen to all year.

Black Mass Rising

Black Mass Rising is more than a movie. Really, it is: it’s a label and a platform to promoting new music artists and to establish the ones we already know to be great. That’s why, for 22 scenes, eleven in colour and another eleven in black and white, the occult, the darkness, the religious and the apocalypse will have music of artists such as the mysterious Yoga, the hypnotic Master Musicians of Bukkake, the out of this world Acid Mothers Temple, and so on! Catch the film in Amplifest 2013.

David D’Andrea

A perfect and unearthly balance between the sacred and the secular and an ability to use the profane as heavenly. This is David V. D’Andrea in a nutshell, a renown artist whose portfolio speaks for itself, not only through its hauntingly beautiful imagery but through all the artist he’s been working with. The north-american designer is an artists artist, collaborating with OM, Wovenhand, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Earth and even the film director Lars Von Trier. Hard Club’s mainfloor will be in his hands.

Don The Tiger

It’s not easy to picture a set of bolero- inspired ballads built over a drum machine stuffed with beatbox samples that puts out rhythms that range all the way from subtle beats to full blown Swans-like industrial marches, but that’s a way of putting what Don The Tiger does in his first record ‘Varadero’. With these sonic experimentations, along with an emotional crooning that makes a hypothetical hispanic version of Tom Waits spring to mind, the Barcelona-based musician Adrián de Alfonso has achieved a challenging yet undeniably interesting sound with this solo project of his; and that’s something we’ll all confirm at Amplifest.

HHY & the Macumbas

HHY is the moniker used by experimental dub wizard Jonathan Saldanha, who’s had his previous work on John Zorn’s own label Tzadik regarded by Zorn himself as a “21st century cult classic”. Also a part of many other unique projects such as Fujako or Mécanosphére, Saldanha is here joined by The Macumbas, a bizarre collective in masks and black suits that delivers a boiling stream of bass frequencies, haunted brass melodies and frantic tribal percussions. HHY & the Macumbas will release their first full length later this year but the Amplifest audience will have the privilege to be firsthand witnesses of this mysterious voodoo ceremony.

Putan Club

We’ve been working with François Cambuzat for years now, and that’s not something likely to change in the meantime. And here’s why: the French guitarist excels in expression, more than technique. The guitar and François’s ability to manipulate its sound is a medium to achieve a true artistic action. Putan Club, a solo moniker of the L’Enfance Rouge’s guitarists, is a free music concept, which often embraces other languages — thence the regular collaborations with Lydia Lunch, and the video projections during its performances. In the beautiful Mercedes, by Douro river, François is due to start a fire inside of us.


Grind is usually about exceeding, both in pace, noise and decadence. It is punk hardcore in its most extreme form, tearing our guts with frequencies so violent you actually feel them with your skin. Utopium add to the most aggressive of sounds their one of a kind philosophic and metaphysic approach to human condition, taking grindcore to a whole new conceptual level. We can say the Lisbon outfit is not only about breaking your spine and ripping your skin, because that’s the least to be expected. But take notice: Utopium shall make you think about each and every bone they’ll break during their performance at Amplifest.

Walter Hoeijmakers

Roadburn is as important for music lovers as Meca is to muslims, Rome to Christians and the Pyramids to the ancient alien coconut crazy people. And there's a reason why it works like this: the festival is the avant-garde of riff oriented music, and a home to frontier and genre bending artists, presenting an amazing line-up every year. There's a bunch of people we should be thankful to for Roadburn, and one of them is Walter Hoeijmakers, artistic director and promoter of the festival. He'll be spinning some records and showing off his wits on Iommi's heirs music on Amplifest 2013. Also, Walter will be our guest in the saturday's Amplitalk. We'll be so glad to have him among us!

In this age we’re living, where we are constantly updated with information by our laptops and smartphones and our facebooks and twitters, the element of surprise has mostly been erased from our lives. Amplifest will give back to you a bit of that long lost thrill of expectation as a part of this “experience” thing we keep talking about. How? By adding to the lineup a band that you won’t know you’ll be seeing until the very moment they set foot on stage. That said, let the guessing begin.

In the previous editions of Amplifest we have always encouraged the musicians to leave the comfort of the backstage in their spare time and go blend themselves with the public, have a drink with their fans and enjoy the shows; it adds to the sense of community and to that special atmosphere Amplifest has always had. It has worked so beautifully well that this year we’re taking it a step further: we’re going to host an informal talk with several of the musicians playing the festival where they’ll going to discuss with you face to face what’s it like to be a musician on the road. This is going to be a really easy-going conversation between everyone so don’t be shy and feel free to ask any questions you might have.


Much more than just a promising band, KATABATIC have long established themselves as one of the most relevant Portuguese post-rock outfits. Following the release of ‘Vago’EP and a long string of shows that that included an Iberian tour with Caspian and opening slots for Russian Circles and A Storm of Light, the first full length ‘Heavy Water’ showed the world how special this band can be. Breaking away from the genre’s clichés, KATABATIC’s songs have an unpredictable feel and feature sparse dreamy vocals which, along with the Isis-esque sludge elements the band adds to their heavier parts, makes up for the unique and distinctive sound that has gathered them praise. With a powerful new record in the works, KATABATIC’s awaited debut at Amplifest will be one of the most memorable moments of the event.