We are driven by the times and the times demand that we make this Amplifest the most relevant and essential ever. This will be the edition of what we have been and what we will be, it will be the most remarkable and the most chilling, and we will live and share this double experience like never before. We all need it!

Amplifesters, we did everything we could. Everything. We really miss seeing you face to face, enjoying the best riffs with all of you, vibing with our favorite bands and being with our Amplifamily, but after all these months of hard work we came to a point that, for the good of all, we had to make a decision.

The uncertainties related to the pandemic, the recent government directions and especially the fact that some confirmed bands started to postpone their tours again, gave us no other solution. An Amplifest where you need to be sitting down and socially distancing, only to a few hundred people, is not an Amplifest. Amplifest is a place of freedom, a multi-sensory experience where social interactions and the spirit of celebration cannot be sacrificed. We owe you all the utmost esteem, consideration and respect, and so each edition must always surpass the previous one; the decision to postpone now and return in 2022 with two weekends goes in that direction.

We all carry the silent weight of what the pandemic took from us. It was tough, it is still tough for all of us, and it is your support that will help us to continue to weather the storm until 2022. We no longer want to look back. We have reflected a lot, and all we can do is put our frustration aside, take up the challenge, and give the best possible response to these two years without shows.

We are driven by the times and the times demand that we make this Amplifest the most relevant and essential ever. This will be the edition of what we have been and what we will be, it will be the most remarkable and the most chilling, and we will live and share this experience like never before. We all need it. You, us, the musicians, the technicians, the booking agents, the venues, the freelancers, the labels... All of us. All together!

We look forward to this two-weekend edition that will have, as always, a line-up without overlaps that will exceed your expectations, that will make us proud, and that will strengthen the relationship we have with you for 15 years, with the music that invigorates us, where we will share it with long-time friends and all those we always see again at the most beautiful event of the year.

In short: from music lovers to music lovers.

We couldn't end this message without a word of comfort for all those who suffered, all those who lost someone they love, all of our Amplifamily, the technicians, the bands and our partners. We know we are not alone and you know we are with you.

Very soon we will all be together at Hard Club. We will live the experience twice as intensely. With full hearts. It will be unique, we will be inspired. Come quickly, October 2022 - Amplifest has never made more sense!

One of the best musical weekends of the year.
— Rock-A-Rolla
Not a festival, an experience. Amplifest’s editions get better each year.
— CVLT Nation
It’s something else, something transcendent.
— WAV.

Venue Hard Club

Info / How to get there

Hard Club, with its blood-red painted iron structure, is the very heart of Amplifest.


OCTOBER 7 + 8 + 9
115,00 €
OCTOBER 13 + 14 + 15
115,00 €
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OCTOBER 13 + 14 + 15

Note: Available only from june 15 to august 15 of 2021 limited to the existing stock
90,00 €
OCTOBER 7 + 8 + 9
& OCTOBER 13 + 14 + 15

Note: Highly limited
205,00 €

Note: Day tickets will be highly limited
August 2022
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What to do between both weekends.

Recently elected Best European Destination for the fourth consecutive time, Porto is a very beautiful city, especially the downtown area. For those who are not yet familiar, we’d first recommend a stroll and a beer or glass of Port Wine at Ribeira, overlooking the Douro River, then crossing the D. Luiz iron bridge, and onceyou’re in Vila Nova de Gaia, let yourself be enchanted by the view of Porto.
Near Hard Club, which is also an historic building (Mercado Ferreira Borges, a fine example of Portuguese iron architecture from the XIX century), you can visit the gothic architecture of Igreja de S. Francisco, filled with the richness of golden baroque carving, the neoclassic Palácio da Bolsa and wander around beautiful narrow alleys and picturesque streets.
A 5 minutes’ walk will take you to Nicolau Nasoni’s baroque architecture of Torre dos Clérigos (if you can, don’t miss the chance of climbing all of the 240 steps), visit the Portuguese Photography Center at the neoclassic Cadeia da Relação do Porto,

Livraria Lello and its amazing staircase, admire Rua dos Clérigos modernist architecture, the elegant Avenida dos Aliados and the stunning tile panels of Estação de São Bento. Go a little more upwards and visit the Sé Cathedra and the São João National Theatre, play a game of cards with the locals at Praça da Batalha and plunge into Rua de Santa Catarina’s cosmopolitan movement.
Take the subway and visit Casa-Rem-Koolhaas-da-Música and wander a bit more to Museu-Siza-Vieira-de-Serralves and its beautiful gardens. Don’t forget to visit the romantic garden of Palácio de Cristal and the famous art galleries of Miguel Bombarda Street. All of this not accounting for all the amazing places to eat and drink, record stores, and so much more.
And, most importantly, you can be certain that those who visit Porto are always welcome with open arms and a wide smile. It really is an unique city and the only one where Amplifest could ever take place!

What the press said

Accreditation until september 7th of 2022.

Hard Club

Praça do Infante D. Henrique
41º8'31"N 8º36'54"W

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An historic building that dates back to the 18th century, it stands in one of the most beautiful parts of Porto, with a view to the Douro river and only minutes away from the city center. Originally intended to function as a market, it has been renovated as a music venue. Hard Club holds two rooms, Sala 1 and Sala 2, with a capacity for 1000 and 400 people respectively. Between these two rooms, a large corridor – the mainfloor – will welcome the merchandise stands and the record stalls and also serve as a communal area to hang out between shows.


Where to park: we recommend you to use the public transportation, but if needed there are safe parkings nearby (on right in front of Hard Club - check the prices before enter)


Airport: There are many low-cost companies flying to Porto, check your flight at After landing in Porto, take the Metro (line E) and change to line D at Trindade Station. Leave at São Bento Station, two stations after, and walk 5 minutes downhill through Mouzinho da Silveira street.

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3) After the purchase of each Amplideposit, you'll receive an Amplivoucher on your mailbox with the following title: AMPLIFEST 2016 WE: DEPOSIT 1 and AMPLIFEST 2016 WE: DEPOSIT 2
4) In order to get your Amplifest 2016 weekend ticket + wristband you'll need to print both Amplideposits and exchange them at the ticket box.
5) Don't forget your ID, it's mandatory.
6) Buy buying the Amplideposit you're also accepting our conditions mentioned at Amplistore.