Amplificasom agencia: DIVA + Matthewdavid em Portugal

Amplificasom agencia:
8 de Abril, Segunda @ Club de Vila Real, Vila Real
11 de Abril, Quinta @ Mercado Negro, Aveiro

A californiana Diva Dompé, ex-integrante de projectos como BlackBlack e Pocahaunted, chega a Portugal na próxima semana para apresentar o seu mais recente registo a solo Moon Moods [2012, Critical Heights]. A acompanhar o electro-pop etéreo e sonhador de DIVA, ambas as datas contarão também com o experimentalismo hip-hop do produtor Matthewdavid, que conta com trabalhos editados pela Brainfeeder de Flying Lotus como cartões de visita.

Mais info:
DIVA: Site · Facebook · Bandcamp
Matthewdavid: Soundcloud · Brainfeeder

A Diva Dompé performance is an immutable force of love, like the reverse of a horror show but with the same outcome: Once you see her, you cannot unsee what you’ve witnessed, and you’re overwhelmed by this compulsive need to go deeper. The stage is full of things that emit light, Diva (and that is her real name) being the main one. The more you watch, the more you’re nearly terrorized with the crush you’re getting on her, she is so adorable and strange and yet so calm and deliberate in this somewhat chaotic rainbow TV zoo of leather bodysuit, glitter, leotards, veils, horns, rose petals, a chain, choreographed dance moves, headset….

Matthewdavid’s live performances are akin to watching a sorcerer conjure spirits from the deep. He pulls tones like artifacts from an astral trail that ebbs and flows with fresh discoveries. Along the way Matthewdavid collects exotic sound figures: spiraling amethyst cones and wild flowering buds. He treats each found sound like a bright fiber to be weaved into new waveforms. It is a mosaic sparkling with mystic, radiant matter.