As 5 piores capas do ano segundo Aaron Turner (Isis)

Britney Spears, Blackout
Easy target maybe, but with all that money and Photoshop they still couldn’t make her look good.
Circle of Ouroborus, Streams
Black metal has generally churned out some wretched covers, but this one is truly something else. Wow…
Damnation A.D., In This Life or the Next
A big turd all the way around and an example of a grating trend—sultry “punk” girls used to sell crappy metalcore albums to horny mall-going teens.

Om, Pilgrimage
The cover image itself isn’t so bad, but the layout? Was the guy wearing a blindfold? Another good record marred. Fe-Mail and Carlos Giffoni, Northern Stains
Crossed the fine line that separates the childish and whimsical from the ugly and retarded. Boo.