Até já, 2017!

Olá a todos,

Esperamos que tenham tido um Natal quentinho com aqueles que vos são importantes.

10 anos de Amplificasom

10 anos de Amplificasom

Esta é a última newsletter de 2016, um ano que marcou o 10º aniversário da Amplificasom e onde organizamos 45 concertos e agenciamos 41 bandas. Foi um ano de celebração, sentimos […]

Roster Amplificasom: Névoa

Photo by Ana Fernandes

Photo by Ana Fernandes

Névoa were formed in 2014 by Nuno Craveiro and João Freire in Porto, Portugal. After the well-received debut “The Absence of Void”, Névoa released “Re Un” through Avantgarde Music. This sophomore record pushes their craft to much greater heights, with Névoa expanding their sonic signature to include slower elements, psychedelia […]


Artwork by Micaela Amaral

Artwork by Micaela Amaral

Este ano seremos uma família de mais de 24 países! Para facilitar, a info segue em inglês. Obrigado por compreenderem.

Concerts, films, Amplitalks, listening sessions, exhibitions and moments of sharing between artists and audience. We’ll do in a sole weekend what we’ve been doing all our lives: work […]

AMPLIFEST 2016: “Nós Somos a Tempestade 2” by Luiz Mazetto

Along 32 interviews with bands and artists such as Amenra, Mono, Aaron Turner (ISIS / SUMAC), Cult of Luna and Boris and even our own André (promoter of Amplificasom / Amplifest), Luiz Mazetto continues to expand its research on the phenomenon of heavy alternative music, and is preparing to release the second volume of “Nós Somos a Tempestade” [“We Are the Storm”]. The author […]

AMPLIFEST 2016: Error! Design exhibition

ERROR copyError! Design is brought into the world by Xavi Forné (Barcelona, Spain), due to his passion for music artwork. He is mainly dedicated to the design of posters for gigs around the world and has worked for bands as diverse as Neurosis, Swans, Russian Circles, Mono, Sunno))), Soundgarden and many, many more. Error! Design’s works are limited edition screen printed posters […]

AMPLIFEST 2016: João Filipe – Gongs, Bells & Cymbals

Photo by Maria Louceiro

Photo by Maria Louceiro

One of the most renowned representatives of a new generation of artisans dedicated to the construction of metal percussion instruments, Portugal’s own João Pais Filipe sees his works being more and more in demand by percussionists from all parts of the globe. A selection of his pieces, including gongs, […]

AMPLIFEST 2016: Listening Sessions

Artwork by Micaela Amaral

Artwork by Micaela Amaral

This year, Hard Club’s Summer Lounge – a terrace with the most amazing view to the Douro river – will hold a series of Listening Sessions throughout the whole weekend. What a privilege! Preferably with a refreshing drink in your hands, you will be able to listen to these records firsthand:

AMPLIFEST 2016: MONO’s “Requiem for Hell” Listening Session

Artwork by Micaela Amaral

Artwork by Micaela Amaral

We’re thrilled to announce that Requiem for Hell, the anticipated new record from Japanese instrumental heroes MONO, will be publicly played for the first time ever on August 19th at CAVE 45, right after Aluk Todolo’s performance. The record will be released on Pelagic Records on October 14th.

Guitarist Takaakira […]

AMPLIFEST 2016: Amplitalks

Blog Poster AMPLITALK20
SATURDAY, AUGUST 20th | SALA 2 | 17:35 – 18:05
The 21st century has seen an exponential growth in the quantity of music available, and also in wild experimentation and intermingling of genres. We have, however, lacked the proper words to describe all this music and many times just started calling it […]

Amplifest 2016: Hexvessel cancelled

Band Photo - HexvesselIt is with great dismay that we have to inform you that Hexvessel cancelled their performance at Amplifest 2016. We understand their reasons and we hope to have them here as soon as possible.
As you know, we’re two weeks away from Amplifest 2016 so, due to logistical reasons, we won’t be able to find a replacement. We hope you […]


Artwork by Micaela Amaral

Artwork by Micaela Amaral

We do believe Amplifest is something to be lived in its entirety so we recommend you to spend the weekend with us. If you really can’t live the full experience, join us at least one day but please have in mind that day tickets are highly limited. Note also that […]

AMPLIFEST 2016: Films

Artwork by Micaela Amaral

Artwork by Micaela Amaral

The Melvins – Across the USA in 51 Days documents the strenuous and record breaking task that The Melvins set to do back in 2012: to play 51 shows in 51 consecutive days – one in each of USA’s states, plus one in Washington DC. Mostly comprised of mobile phone […]

AMPLIFEST 2016 line-up is closed

Artwork by Micaela Amaral

Artwork by Micaela Amaral

We announced the portuguese debut (!) of the legendary Neurosis on December 11th; this was followed by the announcement of another 23 bands which are listed below – in alphabetical order, since at Amplifest every band is equally relevant and important. There won’t be overlaps in the running order, […]


Artwork by Micaela Amaral

Artwork by Micaela Amaral

Estávamos em 2013 e a Sala 2 do Hard Club não conseguia alojar mais uma única alma entre as suas paredes; ali, os Downfall of Gaia apresentavam em pleno Amplifest o seu então recente disco Suffocating in the Swarm of Cranes, num concerto que, para muitos, constituiu um dos […]


Artwork by Micaela Amaral

Artwork by Micaela Amaral

A former half of seminal dubstep outfit Vex’d, Roly Porter chose, on his solo output, to break away from the dancefloors and from any preconceived standards of rhythm and sound design. Under the concept of exploring neural connections between Earth and Space, his third record The Third Law – […]

Uma semana para Deafheaven!

12742498_673108069459355_4082458410776128011_nEstamos a uma semana do regresso dos Deafheaven que acontecerá exactamente quatro meses depois do nosso último evento – as duas noites esgotadas com os And So I Watch From Afar. Temos saudades vossas, dos palcos (salvo seja) e este regresso, o primeiro Amplificasom de 2016, não podia ter banda mais relevante.

Os Deafheaven tornaram mainstream (se tal se pode afirmar) um género de […]


Artwork by Micaela Amaral

Artwork by Micaela Amaral

​​Foi há três anos que, parcamente iluminados por uma solitária lâmpada que pendia sobre o centro do palco, os Aluk Todolo desenrolaram sobre o Amplifest as caleidoscópicas tapeçarias sonoras do álbum Occult Rock; as memórias deste concerto ficaram de tal modo firmadas em quem a ele assistiu que a […]


Artwork by Micaela Amaral

Artwork by Micaela Amaral

There is an almost liturgical solemnity in Anna von Hausswolff’s music; contrasting languages like drone, folk and progressive rock are deconstructed, reinvented, resumed from scratch and expanded into unknown territories, guided by the mournful and idiosyncratic voice of this swedish singer and multi-instrumentalist. The Miraculous, her third and most recent work, […]


Artwork by Micaela Amaral

Artwork by Micaela Amaral

Blurring the lines between post-rock and neoclassical music, Japanese quartet MONO seek, in their own words, to ‘communicate the incommunicable’. Seamlessly shifting through chiming melodies, grandiose orchestrations, thundering percussion and menacing walls of volume, MONO’s music captures and reflects every nuance of our emotions – from sadness to joy, […]

A nossa equipa vai crescer! E tu? Queres fazer parte da Amplificasom?

10 anosUm Booking Agent é aquele(a) que marca concertos e outras apresentações ao vivo para as bandas/ artistas. Deve fechar concertos e tours representando a banda a 100% aquando de qualquer negociação com promotores, produtores, salas de espectáculos e festivais de todo o mundo mantendo sempre um contacto próximo com o management e editora. Deve dominar todo o processo, desde a negociação […]

HHY & The Macumbas no TREMOR

20150327_089_cred_veramarmelo.jpg__1000x665_q85_crop_subsampling-2_upscaleOs únicos HHY & The Macumbas passarão na próxima edição do TREMOR que acontecerá de 15 a 19 de Março em Ponta Delgada. Há Black Mountain, Bitchin Bajas & Bonnie Prince Billy, Dan Deacon, Filho da Mãe, Za!, Julianna Barwick, SUUNS… Imperdível! Toda a info aqui.

Amplificasom agencia: Mécanosphère no Reverence

Mecanosphere_photo_webDepois de dois concertaços em Dezembro no CAVE 45 no Porto e no Musicbox em Lisboa, os Mécanosphère, colectivo transnacional fundado por Benjamin Brejon e Adolfo Luxúria Canibal, acabam de ser anunciados no Reverence 2016 para continuar a apresentar o excelente “Scorpio”. A Amplificasom recomenda, claro.


Artwork by Micaela Amaral

Artwork by Micaela Amaral

Steve Von Till, o homem que conjura tempestades ao comando dos Neurosis é o mesmo que, solitariamente e de guitarra acústica nos braços, se refugia numa soturna introspecção. À evocação da tradição musical norte-americana – com ênfase na folk, mas com impressões da country e do blues – Steve Von […]

TOP 2015: your favourite records

20151 – Chelsea Wolfe – Abyss
2 – Deafheaven – New bermuda
3 – Godspeed You! Black Emperor – Asunder, Sweet and Other Distress
4 – Wiegedood – De Doden Hebben Het Goed
5 – Sumac – The Deal
6 – Anna Von Hausswolff – The Miraculous
7 – Mgla […]

Amplificasom apoia Stephen O’Malley e Process of Guilt em Lisboa

2016 marca o décimo aniversário da Amplificasom e também do Musicbox. Dia 27 de Fevereiro eles celebram com o Stephen O’Malley, Process of Guilt e Felipe Felizardo e nós lá estaremos para lhes dar um abraço. Muito por culpa de quem lá trabalha, é uma das salas mais especiais do país. São grandes! Parabéns.

O aviso segue por antecipação: esta […]

TOP 2015

recordsÉ incontornável: final do ano e nós, melómanos, temos esta necessidade de partilhar os discos que mais gostamos. Não se trata duma competição, trata-se de espalhar a palavra. E, sejamos sinceros, é também uma forma de nós deste lado percebermos que bandas vocês querem ver por cá e trabalharmos nesse sentido.
Dito isto, partilhem os vossos tops com todos nós: saquem este Excel, preencham-no […]

KATABATIC na estrada com os Juseph e os MOASE



Os KATABATIC estão já amanhã de volta aos concertos, desta feita para três datas muito especiais: em Coimbra, Leiria e Lisboa acompanharão os Juseph e os MOASE, que se juntarão em palco repetindo a fórmula iniciada no Amplifest 2015, intitulada agora “Stage Mash-Up Experience”.

Os KATABATIC comemoram também nestas datas o lançamento oficial em vinil do seu EP ‘Weighs Like a […]

Amplimix dia 11 no Porto

amplimix 11
Dia 11, sexta-feira, após o concertaço dos Mécanosphère, a Amplificasom irá passar alguns discos no CAVE 45. Vai ser porreiro, apareçam ao concerto e fiquem a beber um copo connosco ;)

HHY & The Macumbas amanhã no AXA!

Isabel Correia

Isabel Correia

O Edifício AXA, na Avenida dos Aliados, vai encerrar portas em grande com um concerto dos HHY & The Macumbas à 1h da manhã. Há muito mais acontecer (Filho da Mãe, Torto, H.O.M.O., O Gringo Sou Eu, Branches, etc), vejam aqui o programa completo.

Amanhã também marca o primeiro aniversário da […]

Survey: on our way to Amplifest 2016

Amplifest_K+sloganWe’re reaching the end of a cycle and we need your assistance to develop and improve the next one. This amplisurvey should take no more than 4 minutes and your feedback/ ideas/ suggestions are REALLY important and appreciated. Trust us, your input really does matter.

​In order to thank you, fill the “E-mail” box at the end of the survey and we’ll send you […]

Descansa em paz, Paulo.

Até sempre, Paulo!

Até sempre, Paulo!

O Porto mudou para muito melhor graças a ti e partes cedo, demasiado cedo. A nossa cidade e todos nós ficamos órfãos não só do teu trabalho mas também da tua pessoa. Foi um prazer conhecer-te. Descansa em paz.

Aos familiares e amigos, a Amplificasom e o Amplifest deixam aqui as nossas condolências. […]

Amplificasom: 9 anos/ 9 years

Photo by Maria Louceiro

Photo by Maria Louceiro

English below

A Storm of Light | Acid Mothers Temple | Alhousseini Anivolla | Altar of Plagues | Aluk Todolo | Amenra | Anathema | And So I Watch You From Afar | Arthur Doyle | Atillla | Azevedo Silva | Bardo Pond | Barn Owl | Before […]

Deafheaven + Myrkur: bilhetes nas lojas

deafheaven myrkur

Além da Amplistore, os bilhetes para os imperdíveis concertos de Deafheaven e Myrkur já se encontram à venda também nas lojas físicas.
Encontrem-nos aqui:´
Porto – Hard Club, Louie Louie, Matéria Prima, Piranha, Bunker Store e Black Mamba
Lisboa – Glamorama e Vinil Experience. Em breve estarão também disponíveis no RCA Club e na FLUR.

Amplifest celebrates 4 years today!

O Amplifest celebra hoje 4 anos! Tudo começou a 29 de Outubro de 2011 e, sinceramente, parece que foi ontem que recebemos o Justin Broadrick com os seus Godflesh e Jesu. Seguiram-se mais 4 edições memoráveis, cheias de grandes concertos e momentos inesquecíveis. Já não é possível viver sem uma dose anual de Amplifest e, em dia de aniversário, fica a promessa: […]

Amplificasom apoia Mécanosphère

Mecanosphere_poster_WEBMécanosphère, o colectivo transnacional fundado por Benjamin Brejon e Adolfo Luxúria Canibal, regressa aos palcos para assinalar o lançamento seu novo álbum entitulado “Scorpio” e dez anos após o fecho da sua primeira triologia de discos (“Mécanosphère” / “Bailarina” / Limb Shop”).

Operando em territórios tão diversos como o chaos rock, spoken word, radio art, hip hop industrial, música concreta & kosmische muzik, […]

RIP Steve Mackay e Rutger Smeets

IMG_0522IMG_1483Steve Mackay e Rutger Smeets deixaram-nos esta semana. Tivemos a felicidade de os conhecer de perto: o Steve apareceu com o nosso amigo Jonathan Saldanha no concerto de Mouth of the Architect e Fujako no Porto-Rio. […]

Thank you for everything, Amplifesters!

Blog PosterfinalNo words needed, you were there <3 Thank YOU from the bottom of our humble hearts for everything, it was… well, no words needed indeed. Expect photos, videos, etc in the next days and let us tell you this: we're already working on Amplifest 2016.

Obrigado* Thank you* Gracias*



Artwork by Micaela Amaral

Artwork by Micaela Amaral

We’re excited and psyched for this. It’s been months and months of programming ​and planning every single detail, always counting the days to the big weekend. We’re almost there, just a few hours away. Today it’s sort of a day zero, and we invite you again to join us at CAVE […]


Time Out Porto - two preview pages

Time Out Porto – two preview pages

Time Out Porto nr 1 event of the month

Time Out Porto nr […]

Amplifest 2015: Corrections House listening session

GDOB2-30CH-001.cdrWe’re really really proud to inform you that the new Corrections House record – Know How To Carry A Whip – will be publicly played for the first time at Amplifest 2015. World premiere indeed, how lucky are we all? The listening sessions are planned for Saturday from 21:40 to 22:25 and Sunday from 19:30 to 20:20.

Here’s the […]


Artwork by Micaela Amaral

Artwork by Micaela Amaral

Writer’s Block*
With Emanuel Pereira, José Carlos Santos, José Rodrigues and Luiz Mazetto.
Saturday 19th from 17:00 to 17:45
Music changes, and so do the ones who listen to it, who write and who read about it. While the internet might have seemed like the death […]


Artwork by Micaela Amaral

Artwork by Micaela Amaral

Este ano seremos uma família de mais de 15 países! Para facilitar, a info segue em inglês. Obrigado por compreenderem.

Music, films, amplitalks, records, exhibition and moments of sharing between artists and audience. We’ll do in a sole weekend what we’ve been doing all our lives: work for […]

Amplifest 2015: timetable

horario_dia19_BLOGhorario_dia20_BLOGPlease have in mind that the running order was chosen with the utmost attention. As you know, every band and every slot at Amplifest is important. Also, every band is playing the time they requested, we simply adapt […]

Amplifest 2015: update

nhaespacoptodosHere’s an update to let you know that 43% of the amplifesters that bought the ticket so far are coming from outside of Portugal. Please have in mind that Amplifest is limited to 1000 people so judging by the pre-sales and the Facebook numbers (see picture above), 600 people won’t make it. Get your ticket ASAP.

Check the website for more info.

Enjoy the first […]

Process of Guilt e Ufomammut em Valada, HHY & The Macumbas em Lamego

fdsBelo fim-de-semana, quer estejam no Sul ou no Norte. Hoje, às 19h, no Reverence Valada, e pelo segundo ano consecutivo, os Process of Guilt prometem um grande regresso aos palcos:

Get ready for a very exclusive Process of Guilt set at Reverence Valada Festival. Once again Kernal will be joining us for a very special rendering of our music and, for the first time, […]

Amplifest 2015: we believe you can fly

Hard Club, Amplifest's heart, at 2pm.

Hard Club, Amplifest’s heart, at 2pm.

We’ll be a big family at Amplifest 2015, there’s people coming from more than 15 european countries so far. Still, here’s a tip for the ones who are making plans:
Ryanair 2015