Aeviterne is a relatively new name within the more forward-thinking extreme music universe, but their members’ pedigree leaves no room for doubt, having been a part of some of the most interesting entities the ever-rich New York scene has spat out throughout the last few years, from Flourishing to Castevet, from Tombs to Artificial Brain, from Fawn Limbs to Luminous Vault. Let none of those be taken as a particular reference to understanding what Aeviterne do, however – facing them with too much confidence will only leave you lost amidst the suffocating industrial and psychedelic death metal labyrinths they erect in each song. Not even experience can be counted on as an advantage for us, since this Amplifest show will be the band’s very first on European ground. We will be totally at the mercy of every single blow, precisely how they want us to be.

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