It should go down peacefully, calling Chelsea the queen of darkness, based on the music she plays and on the gigantic dimension this shy and elusive Californian artist has acquired over the years, a result of records and shows of a singular emotional devastation. In fact, when she played in Portugal for the first time, at Amplifest 2013 (where else, right?), still on the Pain Is Beauty cycle, she was already clearly destined for that particular throne, but after major works such as Abyss, Hiss Spun or Birth Of Violence, the definitive coronation is achieved with the new She Reaches Out To She Reaches Out To She, an impactful piece that follows an absence of five years and expands Wolfe’s already vast palette by incorporating significant electronic and trip hop parts. At each step, it’s like the American musician throws more and more ingredients into the curiously hopeful, yet darkened hurricane that is her music, to go up yet another level in her discographic adventure. After more than a decade away, it will be good to receive her majesty in Portugal once more.

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