Folk might have been perceived as an “ancient” genre, focused on the traditions of communities and their timeless struggles, but truth is that in the last few years a whole new generation of musicians has been taking good old folk as the starting point for something different, experimental and adventurous. Cinder Well, the name of this project created by American singer/songwriter Amelia Baker, is one of the rising names of a whole generation led by some acts who have become huge in a short time, such as Lankum for instance, whose own Cormac MacDiarmada participates in Cadence, the latest album that shows a very singular approach, very “maritime”, to the style. As if songs are spirits that wander over either the sunny Californian coast, or the cloudier County Clare coast, in Western Ireland, the two places Baker calls home. Let’s try to turn Amplifest into a third home for her, then, by welcoming her premiere on a Portuguese stage.

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