Viking culture has always been held with great fascination by contemporary music, but in the last few years that tendency seems to have spread even more, with global success attained by real “scholars” in the matter, who have a big spiritual connection to it too, such as Wardruna or Heilung. As if they have left their spirit of conquest, Vikings keep spreading themselves everywhere, even getting to the most unlikely genres… Can you imagine, for example, a Viking dancefloor, keeping all the brutality and intensity that we expect from the subject, but with enough hybridisation to include trance and electronic music? A sort of “Viking Carpenter Brut”? Well, now you don’t have to imagine it anymore, because Eihwar, duo composed of Asrunn and Mark, are exactly that, and they’re on their way to Portugal for the very first time. The party is all set, prepare yourselves!

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