According to their own description, FVNERALS “are a band that exist on the fringes of doom, post-rock, shoegaze and dark ambience,” and hey, doesn’t that sound totally like Amplifest? On top of it, that’s not even a very exhaustive description of what they do. That’s understandable though, since what this Leipzig band makes us feel during records such as Let The Earth Be Silent, released last year, goes far beyond any categorisation. We would even say it goes beyond music, since the nightmare we’re dropped in the middle of, without any warning or guide, is very close to the impressive image they used for that release’s artwork – lost and disoriented in the middle of a dense thorny maze, with voices as beautiful as they are ghostly booming from afar and slow punishing rhythms lashing our skin without any mercy. Someone would have had to have the guts to bring this bottomless sound pit to Portugal, and we don’t see anywhere else for that premiere other than Amplifest.

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