We nearly had them for Amplifest 2016, and now comes the time for Hexvessel to make up, and how, for that absence seven years ago. "Polar Veil", their new album, the sixth on a very eclectic career as a band – from which we’ve already heard the “Older Than The Gods” single – is anticipating a frozen gust of wind, much harsher than the green pastures of psych folk we have been used to, and it will be released on a date very close to that of the festival, so their show will be the very first even outside their native Finland where they will present this much anticipated piece. It feels like Mat McNerney, Hexvessel’s leading figure, an Englishman long established in the land of the thousand lakes, has let himself be more consumed than ever by his illustrious black metal past, the marriage between the icy tremolo picking so typical of the style and the forestial spirituality of records like “No Holier Temple” promising to drop Hard Club’s temperature significantly.

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