It’s not even worth the effort to just throw genre names at Inter Arma. If we want to be even somewhat precise in our description, no one would get any kind of concrete idea after that exercise. Super heavy, morose doom? Absolutely. The density and savagery of a death metal attack? Of course, it’s in there. The acidity and darkness of black metal? Also that, without a doubt. The dragged out mud fields of sludge? So much that we might feel like a shower after listening to one of their records. Crazy psychedelics? A bunch, even without the help of any psychotropic substances. Tiny slivers of light here and there, in such a way that not even the term “folk”, so many times used as a vague and oblique descriptor, would be a bad fit for them. All of this, permeated by the kind of lyrics that leave you thinking, for better or worse, due to their ability to poetically but very honestly mirror the sorry state of this world and of our souls that have to exist in it, forms a whole of visceral impact, as physical as it is emotional too. An impact that has reached its high point, so far, on the recent ‘New Heaven’, their fifth album (plus a covers album, if you want to count it), released last April, and already shaping up as one of the year’s highlights. So in the end, a whole that sounds like what, exactly? How about saying it sounds like Inter Arma, and leave it at that?

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