Someone asks you to explain KEN mode. What do they sound like, come on. What do you do? Easy, you just show them the artwork for “Loved”, their 2018 album. That’s it. Alternatively, how about the lyrics to the opening track for their latest record, adorably called “A Love Letter”, where frontman Jesse Matthewson bellows repeatedly “This untasteful place / This untasteful place / Something is broken / Something is fucked”? If you’re not in the mood for further chatting, just explain that KEN means Kill Everyone Now (cheers, Henry Rollins). Whatever you do, it’s at that moment that you separate the wheat from the chaff – you see, to face KEN mode head on, you need an iron stomach, closed fists until your knuckles turn white, and eardrums reinforced with titanium. We are ready. Are you?

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