Taking YOB bassist Aaron Rieseberg and some of the guys from Church Of Ra, with decisive activities in Wiegedood, Oathbreaker or Amenra among others, like Wim Sreppoc, Lennart Bossy or Levy Seynaeve, and all of it resulting in… death metal? Mind you, we’re not even talking about any kind of experimentation or genre cross-pollination. Nah, Living Gate, the most surprising “supergroup” of the last few years, were created to celebrate the love these four dudes have for “proper” death metal, the classic, old school kind that exploded in the passage from the 80s to the 90s, from Death to Entombed, from Demilich to Suffocation. And don’t worry with their tiny discography, because their debut full-length is expected to be released in the next few months, via Relapse, naturally. Everybody start exercising those neck muscles, come on!

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