The Canadian duo formed by S. de la Moth and Geneviève Beaulieu is one of those truly special names for whom the expression “cult” was invented for. Too one-of-a-kind and out there to ever reach a mass audience, they nevertheless hold a group of absolutely dedicated followers who recognise full well their priceless value for this century’s experimental music. The last time they visited us, in 2011, at SWR Barroselas Metalfest in collaboration with Amplificasom, one of the relatively few shows (about 60, in over twenty years of activity – and the last one already dates to 2015!) they played in their entire career, they were more or less halfway through the embarrassment of riches that is their current discography, culminating in the chilling Nekyia from 2022. They return now at a perfect time, and as you already know, it’s an unmissable occasion, as this is the only opportunity to see them in Europe this year. That’s how magic is – only appears every now and then and doesn’t last very long. But it’s worth it.

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