Peter Brötzmann

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Born in Germany in 1941, Peter Brötzmann is a saxophonist and clarinetist, one of the most important improvisors of all time, singular voice on the horns with unmatched passion and intensity, recording career starting with cornerstone late 1960s LPs For Adolphe Sax and Machine Gun, both on his own BRÖ label, soon reissued on Free Music Production, which he co-founded and lent a guiding hand, spectacular discography continues unabated, having documented work solo and in small group settings with virtually every venerable player in free music, including groups Die Like a Dog, Last Exit, Sonore, Full Blast, trios with Harry Miller and Louis Moholo, Fred Van Hove and Han Bennink, and William Parker and Hamid Drake, duet with Heather Leigh, as well as larger ensembles such as the März Combo and the Brötzmann Chicago Tentet.



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