As you know, Amplifest 2024 has a celebratory aspect that is a little more pronounced than usual – Amplificasom is turning eighteen years old, and as we reach this healthy adulthood, we want to be as much surrounded by the ones we love as possible. Even if that is noticeable, we like to think, in the entire bill, one of the main highlights of that sentiment is the return of Russian Circles. For us, and we imagine that for yourselves too, an audience that always receives them with an unbeatable warmth, they are part of the family already, a connection that has been solidified ever since 2008, the first of many stops in Portugal that Amplificasom has provided for the Chicago trio. Of course, that’s not the only reason to have them back at the festival – yeah, it does also help that they are still an absolutely brutal band, totally one of a kind within their genre, and on top of it this time we’ll be able to hear some bangers off of Gnosis, their most recent album that we haven’t had the chance to witness on stage yet.

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