As it happens with the crescendos and silences that are so typical of the style, post-rock as a genre has had ups and downs throughout the years, but even in times when it seems to have been going through difficulties, there have always been bands that didn’t care one iota what the “state of the art” was, continuing to develop their personality and leaving audiences in wonder at each step. Such is the case of Spurv, a Norwegian six-piece that has been around for over a decade showing how it’s done, and who will now do it for the first time in Portugal. Hailing from the inspiring coastal city of Trømso, they let the natural beauty of their homeland entwine with the music, which in fact has a kind of nordic vibe that is very difficult to accurately pinpoint but that is very clearly there. It’s but one of the many elements that make Spurv such an enticing proposition – as strong as they are contemplative, exhaling as much luminosity as sombre melancholy, they are the ideal reply for anyone who might think post-rock doesn’t have new avenues to evolve into anymore.

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