We have even imagined them with a TV gameshow style roulette, full of names of bands they’d like to collaborate with, and in the beginning of each year they just give it a pull and wait to see where it lands. Ding! Oh look, it’s Dis Fig now, cool! Besides, we can’t think of any artist that would get a little call from The Body wanting to do a record with them that would say “no thanks”, so it could well be like that. Dis Fig, aka Felicia Chen, is however a particularly well chosen collaboration partner. Her terrifying electronics and wild experimentation have taken her to very high points in her own discography (she’s even sung with The Bug!), and in Orchards Of A Futile Heaven her material fits like a glove in that super-adaptable sonic mass (mess?) in constant reinvention that is The Body. The symbiosis is perfect, and between twisted melodies, explosive rhythms and nebulous distortion – plus Chen’s amazing voice, obviously –, the final result is incredible. On record. Now imagine all that on the Amplifest stage...

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