We live in the era of collaborations, in terms of alternative music at least, and that’s a great thing. Here’s one more – OAKE, experimental techno purveyor from Germany, and Samuel Kerridge, British producer and performer that has also been eviscerating the usual meaning of techno for over a decade. Together, they formed UF, who describe themselves as a “power metal techno duo”, and no matter how much you try to come up with a better smart-ass description, none will sound better or more appropriate than that for what they do. If you still need any more references, just note that their debut album, Unknown Fate, was mastered by a certain Justin K Broadrick. The tremendous impact of industrial metal and the banging of the most visceral techno on your body are the two main weapons wielded by the duo, like two closed fists punching you incessantly. It’s going to be quite a sight.

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