Blog cor-de-rosa: o amor é bonito

“as of 6/26/09 i became engaged to a wonderful woman named faith elisabeth coloccia. i feel extremely grateful for having been fortunate enough to cross paths with faith, and even more so for having gotten to know, spend time, and collaborate with her. the life we have shared together thus far has been a truly transformative and illuminating experience which has meant more to me than i could ever hope to express with in the confines of this forum or indeed any other. i hope that our journey together is just beginning….”

Aaron Turner (Isis) in Feral Pig


  1. celtic

    Aaron Turner a fazer coraçõezinhos em árvores.

    A seguir o Attila casa com a Mariah Carey.

  2. André Lobão

    é agora q o hóme vai começar a escrever canções pop e baladas românticas! XD

  3. Crestfall

    "has been a truly transformative and illuminating experience" ui ui indeed, vem aí o novo Tony Carreira!

  4. quietdropsedit

    era o turner e a coloccia numa cena folk :acclaim: