Colleen: Nine lives

“Teenage tapes complete with bad handwriting and a truck wheel cut-up photo for the Sonic Youth albums”
“A few of my favourite things”
“My Viola Da Gamba and CD Collection”

Colleen’s Nine Lives in brief:
The Beatles – ‘A Day In The Life’

Pixies – ‘Bossanova’
My Bloody Valentine – ‘Isn’t Anything’
Low – ‘Words’
This Heat – ‘This Heat’
Autechre – ‘LP 5’
Java – ‘Pays Sounda – Musique et Chants Traditionnels’
Lou Harrison – ‘Double Concerto for Violin, Cello and Javanese Gamelan’
OST – ‘Tous Les Matins Du Monde’John Coltrane – ‘My Favourite Things’

Artigo completo aqui:


  1. Crestfall

    Ela ainda guarda as tapes? Eu deixei tudo em casa dos meus pais :-s

  2. naSum

    Casa dos teus pais e minha. tb é minha xD lol. só uma coisa. essas cassetes acho q já foram a vida… ou melhor. tenho a certeza =| lol