Dillinger Escape Plan + Meshuggah @UK já era

Já não vai haver tour conjunta por terras inglesas. Num post publicado no myspace dos DEP pode-se ler:
Due to circumstances not in our control, Meshuggah Will not be appearing on this tour. I’ll leave it up to them to do the explaining. We were looking forward to this more than any of you can imagine and we are just as disappointed as anyone. HOWEVER, we ARE in the process of confirming new bands for the tour, and will announce it shortly. Stay tuned.
E se um gajo já tivesse comprado os bilhetes de avião? :-s
Ainda numa de boas notícias:
As most of you know MOTA is no more. As a result I have started working on a new project called VIGILS. This project is much different than mota but still embraces similar elements. Check out the material here:www.myspace.com/blackvigils. check back often as i will be posting new songs very soon!


  1. Pedro

    Realmente…. a vontade toda era ver as duas bandas….

  2. João

    KsE as in killswitch engage?? tb ja vi e n gosto mt tb…

  3. naSum

    convém dizer q é a banda q + gostava de ver desde o alive or just breathing

  4. Pedro

    Os KsE? Sim lembro-me de passarem por cá… mas é como digo é banda que não me importava de ver ao vivo apesar de ouvir pouco…

  5. naSum

    nops. passaram por lisboa sei… já era com o Howard nessa altura… fiquei muito desiludido com a saida do antigo vocalista mas… continuo a querer ve-los

  6. João

    eu gosto mais do howard…mas nao e o tipo de banda que me cative muito agora na altura curtia mais..

  7. naSum

    também gosto do Howard mas curtia + o jesse… contudo continuam a ser os melhores do estilo que fazem onde se vê tanta coisa no mercado…

  8. Crestfall

    Os Meshuggah têm tradição em cancelar tours por terras britânicas.

    KsE ao vivo deve render.

  9. Crestfall

    A explicação dos Meshuggah:

    We regrettably have to inform you that we have been forced to pull out of the November Euro tour with THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN. There are several reasons for this. The main one being the fact that the album recording has taken longer than what was originally planned. As an effect of that — Nuclear Blast Records has moved the album release to January/February of 2008.

    “In light of this we choose to not do a tour that could compromise the outcome of the album as well as possibly delaying the release even more.

    “Our intention was to have the album out in November and then do this as the first tour in direct support of the release. With this ‘album-promotional’ aspect of the tour gone, we feel that we should instead focus on the most important thing at hand — the album!

    “We realize that this is a big disappointment to everyone who didn’t have the opportunity to catch us on the European tour last summer but we will be back in 2008 touring the new album. Tour dates will be posted shortly!

    “Our apologies to the other bands on the bill and to all who already bought their tickets as well as those who were about to do so. The tickets are, of course, refundable.”

  10. Crestfall

    Afinal… Boas notícias relativamente aos MotA:

    Dayton, Ohio-based sludge metal act MOUTH OF THE ARCHITECT appears to have changed its mind about calling it quits and has announced that it has been rejoined by original guitarist Alex Vernon (who co-wrote and played on “Time and Withering” and the band’s split release with fellow Dayton-ites KENOMA). The group has also scheduled a show on September 29 at Gilly’s in Dayton.

  11. ::Andre::

    Em que ficamos quanto aos MOTA? Vamos tê-los cá ou não? ;)