Dillinger Escape Plan + Meshuggah @UK já era

Já não vai haver tour conjunta por terras inglesas. Num post publicado no myspace dos DEP pode-se ler:
Due to circumstances not in our control, Meshuggah Will not be appearing on this tour. I’ll leave it up to them to do the explaining. We were looking forward to this more than any of you can imagine and we are just as disappointed as anyone. HOWEVER, we ARE in the process of confirming new bands for the tour, and will announce it shortly. Stay tuned.
E se um gajo já tivesse comprado os bilhetes de avião? :-s
Ainda numa de boas notícias:
As most of you know MOTA is no more. As a result I have started working on a new project called VIGILS. This project is much different than mota but still embraces similar elements. Check out the material here:www.myspace.com/blackvigils. check back often as i will be posting new songs very soon!