Do you want to design the next Amplifest logo?

Amplifest_logo_fundobranco2From Enablers (November 2006) to Hayvanlar Alemi (June 2011), we used the logo below. It was designed by our lovely friend Raquel Loureiro and it represented our blogspot era – we used to have more than 600 unique visits per day.
Times are always changing and we felt that we do not only needed to adapt ourselves but we were hungry for more, so a new cycle began in the middle of 2011: new goals, new website, roster, label, the first Amplifest edition took place.. We finally found the logo we were looking for, it was designed by Invert Studio:

We’re almost closing this year, one show left to go, and we’ve been preparing ourselves to move on to a new cycle so… do you want to design the next Amplifest logo?

We feel that we need a new Amplifest logo to inspire and drive us through the next editions so here’s the challenge: send us your logo + price until December 31st and we’ll contact you a couple of weeks after. Are you in?

Tip 1: we wanted that both logos (Amplificasom + Amplifest) could somehow connect;
Tip 2: check our list of events but have in mind that we’re pretty eclectic so we won’t be into logos that are usually associated to certain genres;
Tip 3: we always wanted to have a mascot, not necessarly in the logo though;
Tip 4: we appreciate if you explain us your vision;
Tip 5: forget the tips.

amplificasom @ (without the blanks)