E por falar em Rodan…

Two pieces of indie rock history are being summoned up from their archival homes this February via Rumur Releasing. Rumur recently announced plans to make Suki Hawley’s two mid-90s underground films, Half-Cocked (1994) and Radiation (1996), available in a bundled DVD package.

According to Rumur, Half-Cocked is the tale of “a group of kids who steal a van full of music equipment and pretend to be a band in order to stay on the road.” A lot of familiar faces show up along the way including Ian Svenonius, members of the Grifters and former Rodan players, Jason Noble, Tara Jane O’Neil, Jeff Mueller and Jon Cook. Music is provided by Unwound, Slant 6, Freakwater, Versus, Polvo, Smog, Helium and others.This will mark the first the film has been available since its original VHS release in 1997. The two films will also feature lots of bonus materials, including a making-of short about Half-Cocked and Radiation, music videos, slideshows and over two hours of extra music.


  1. ::Andre::

    Apesar da má pontuação no imdb, gostava de ver isto.

  2. ::Andre::

    Bai lá oubir uma metalada bai :P

    Shellac, Rodan, Slint, Sebadoh, Unwound, Tar e mais 324 bandas… Não sabes o que perdes :S