Eu Bou!

“Keeping in line with their non-conformist approach to music, West Yorkshire’s Paradise Lost bring their forever evolving sound to KOKO. If these gothic metallers promise anything it’s what you don’t expect.” O concerto é no dia 12 de Abril e vai ser gravado :) Eu Bou!


  1. Crestfall

    Essa foto já tem décadas!

    Eu tb bou [se o bilhete não se perder] ;-)

  2. Melancolia

    :D A ver se começamos a fazer o cartaz a dizer “PORTXUGAL”

  3. Melancolia

    O que é isto? Es mesmo coprofágico, gath! Levas já uma traulitada!

  4. Melancolia

    DUHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Já não vamos Ao Rádio Clube!

  5. Pedro

    André trata mas é da viagem para ver Isis e passa as informações. eheheh :p

  6. ::Andre::

    Mal saiba alguma coisa posto logo aqui no tasco, claro ;)

  7. Melancolia

    You can now listen to a medley consisting of the new single’s title track “The Enemy” as well as “Beneath Black Skies”. Apart from these two tracks, PARADISE LOST’s new single also contains the exclusive non-album track “Godless” plus a trailer for the band’s upcoming documentary “Over The Madness”, which was directed by Diran Noubar and is about to be premiered at the film festival in Cannes in May 2007. The new single “The Enemy” will only be released in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy.

    The masterly new PARADISE LOST opus “In Requiem” will be released on May 21st, 2007 in Europe.