Eugene Robinson dixit

Cláudia Andrade @ Amplifest 2012

The manner and consistency in which I self-sabotage because of my inability to suck a little dick. Everyone says “you have to suck a little dick to get ahead you know?” and then they all go suck dick and not surprisingly they seem to get ahead. However getting ahead this way seems to just be a clear cut indicator that you’re well on your way to getting ahead in the giving of head arena where suddenly your work means much less than your ability to suck dick. Many who suck this kind of dick will work long and hard to convince you that it’s not this bad. Which I believe. However in the future when people ask you what you do and how you got so successful it seems you need to fess up to the fact that sucking dick is how you got there. This is not shameful and some of my best friends suck dick. I just wish there’d be more frankness in regards to the whole issue. I mean don’t sell me the whole Horatio Alger claptrap if all you did was get your knees dirty.