Passos Manuel, Porto 🇵🇹

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1/07/2018, DOMINGO
PORTAS 21:30
INÍCIO 22:00

Bilhetes (10€) à venda na AMPLISTORE (online), e nas lojas Louie Louie, Bunker Store e Piranha.

Louise Michel Jackson

Louise Michel Jackson

Seja ao leme das apocalípticas orquestrações dos Godspeed You! Black Emperor ou dos interventivos A Silver Mt. Zion, a assinatura de Efrim Manuel Menuck é inimitável e inconfundível – uma guitarra que desvenda lugares sombrios, loops em crescendo à força de uma chave de fendas, o falsete quebrado quando toma conta do microfone. É a partir destes elementos, aliados a uma constante reflexão sobre a condição humana e à consciência social e política, que Menuck constrói também o seu trabalho a solo. É com o segundo álbum Pissing Stars, lançado este ano pela sua Constellation Records, que Efrim Manuel Menuck se estreia em Portugal, acompanhado em palco por Kevin Doria dos Growing e Hiss Tracts. O concerto está marcado para o Passos Manuel, Porto, na primeira noite de Julho.

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Be it at the helm of Godspeed You! Black Emperor’s apocalyptic orchestrations or with the politically charged A Silver Mt. Zion, Efrim Manuel Menuck’s signature touch is both unmistakable and inimitable – a guitar uncovering dark landscapes, screwdriver-driven loops in crescendo, a broken falsetto when he takes over the microphone. Menuck’s solo works are also built up from these elements, combined with a constant reflection on the human condition and a strong social and political consciousness. His second album Pissing Stars, released this year by Constellation Records, is the motto for Efrim Manuel Menuck’s long awaited solo debut in Portugal, where he’ll be accompanied on stage by Kevin Doria of Growing and Hiss Tracts. The show is scheduled for the first night of July, at Passos Manuel, Porto.

Pissing Stars is a fever dream whose central tensions feel all too real… mysterious yet relatable, and a distinctly singular experience. It’s Menuck’s gift that he can take chilling melody lines and unsettled, often ugly, effects and turn out something so beguiling, like a trick of the light; desperate, terrifying and strangely beautiful.
Drowned In Sound (8/10)

A stunning return to solo form. A thorough dive into cosmic post-instrumentation, riddled with constantly swelling crescendos, unconventional drones and chilling vocals. Pissing Stars is an album that will make people feel, even if they’ve avoided feeling for a long time.
The Gauntlet

Genuinely new and exciting, burning with purpose, passion and humanity. A collage of ambient fuzz, half-formed lullabies, primitive techno signal-bending and – yes – gospel, that sounds like a warped version of Godspeed’s bombastic post-rock beamed into space and transmitted back, encoded, from some alien satellite. The results are mesmerising.
The Quietus

Perhaps it’s no mere coincidence that Menuck’s re-immersion into the Godspeed regimen coincides with the appearance of his first solo album, Plays “High Gospel”, a record that, in spirit if not sound, recalls another solo album released in the shadow of a monolith: John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band. Both albums are consumed by matters of love, loss, abandonment by maternal figures, and spirituality; both showcase the respective artists at their somberly tender and uncompromisingly abrasive extremes; and both are emotionally raw, deeply personal works greatly distinguished from the bands that earned their makers renown.

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