Hard Club (Porto) + Lisboa Ao Vivo (Lisbon) 🇵🇹

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11 de Março de 2020:
“It’s with heavy hearts that we’re announcing the postponement of our European tour with Torche due to the increasing government pressure to limit public events in the wake of the coronavirus. We’ve been watching the day-by-day developments closely and all the patterns seem to indicate that the measures imposed by countries like Italy will likely be the model for most of Western Europe in the next few weeks, effectively cancelling the majority of our shows. We have already had several concerts cancelled on us and we’ve been asked to postpone our performances by several additional promoters. Ultimately, we anticipate that the situation will get worse before it gets any better. Beyond government restrictions, we also have to consider the health of our audiences and the people working our shows. We’ve played shows with broken fingers. We’ve played shows with vomit buckets hidden behind our amps because members of the band we’re dealing with stomach flus. We’ve played shows days after members have come out of surgery. We’ve played through any number of physical, emotional, or financial hardships, but unfortunately we have to make an exception this time around. It pains us to postpone the tour, but for the sake of our audience, our colleagues in the clubs, and ourselves, we feel it’s best to reschedule the tour for later in 2020. That said, we are keeping our fingers crossed that the situation improves in time for Roadburn Festival in mid-April as we are still planning on performing as scheduled. We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused anyone but we will be back soon. Stay safe and take care of each other.
Russian Circles”

Bilhetes comprados online na Amplistore – Devoluções efectuadas.
Bilhetes comprados no Hard Club, Louie Louie, Bunker Store e Piranha – Devoluções até 31 de Julho 2020. Devem-se dirigir ao vosso local de compra (confirmem o horário) e não se esqueçam do(s) bilhete(s).
Bilhetes comprados na Glamorama e Flur – Devoluções até 31 de Julho 2020. Devem-se dirigir ao vosso local de compra (confirmem o horário) e não se esqueçam do(s) bilhete(s).

Qualquer dúvida que sintam que não está esclarecida aqui p.f. entrem em contacto: amp @ (sem espaços)

Photo by Teddie Taylor

Photo by Teddie Taylor

Como um organismo preciso, infalível e sem sinal de desgaste, os Russian Circles percorrem desde há uma década e meia um percurso que os tem firmado como uma presença inapagável em qualquer compêndio da música pesada instrumental. Donos de uma identidade sonora inconfundível e avassaladora, fruto do casamento entre o balanço sísmico do baixo de Brian Cook, a estonteante mestria de Dave Turncrantz na bateria e o labiríntico galopar da guitarra de Mike Sullivan, a banda de Chicago regressa a Portugal em 2020 para apresentar Blood Year, o novo capítulo de uma colecção já repleta de clássicos como Station, Geneva ou Memorial.
O quarteto floridiano de sludge/stoner Torche estará encarregue da primeira parte de ambas as datas a marcar desde já na agenda: 18 de Março no Porto (Hard Club) e 19 de Março em Lisboa (LAV – Lisboa ao Vivo).

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A precise and infallible organism with absolutely no signs of wear and tear, Russian Circles have been trodding a path for a decade and a half that has made them an essential presence in any compendium of heavy instrumental music. Owners of an unmistakable sonic identity, a result of the marriage between Brian Cook’s seismic bass groove, Dave Turncrantz’s dazzling drum mastery, and the labyrinthine gallop of Mike Sullivan’s guitar, the Chicago band returns to Portugal in 2020 to present Blood Year, the new chapter in a collection already packed with classics such as Station, Geneva or Memorial.
The Floridian sludge / stoner Torche quartet will be in charge of opening both nights. Write it down in your schedule: March 18 in Porto (Hard Club) and March 19 in Lisbon (LAV – Lisboa ao Vivo).

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