Fear Falls Burning: Vintage guitar drones

Fear Falls Burning, projecto do belga Dirk Serries, é uma das revelações deste ano. Drones intensos, paredes cheias de efeitos, uma imensidão sonora. Esta épica e marcante caixa de 5 LPs foi motivo para uma pequena conversa. E não, não vou traduzir para português.

When did the idea of making this come up?

I always like collaborating and I since I felt I easily could work on several collaborative albums, I decided to compile them and make it one huge collection of collaborative pieces. Since I like fading out boundaries between genres and styles, I thought it might be interesting to invite some of my friends who have been not only active in the experimental music scene but also who were doing more metal/rock orientated music. This is why I invited musicians like Steven Wilson (of Porcupine Tree), Steve Von Till (of Neurosis) and Johannes Persson (of Cult of Luna) in the hope they might produce a fusion which would not be possible if I would do a solo drone album.

Here between us, what are your favourite tracks? Or what were the most interesting artists to work with?
Difficult to choose, actually, as I do like them all because of their significant style and contribution but I’ve to choose a few I think I would go for the drones with Bass Communion, Harvestman and Stefano Pilia. At least at this very moment but again I’m really happy with how everything collided and turned out to be. But every artist has been wonderful to work with, they all supported the epic concept from day one and never doubted my selection. It truly has been a smooth process from start to finish.

Have you been in the studio with some of them?
None, I played live with Johannes of Cult of Luna during the tour we did together and did one concert together with Nadja where we improvised a 20-minute drone or so but for this 5lp set all works were created through mail and at their own studios and mine.

What other musicians would you like to collaborate with?
I think with this 5lp set I already covered a great selection of artists I admire and appreciate for their vision but I definitely would like, when the time is right, to expand the collaborative exchange to a full-length album with Harvestman (Steve Von Till) and Justin Broadrick (Jesu, Final). But meanwhile I already did full-length collaborations with Nadja and more recently Birchville Cat Motel. And in the near future there might be a collaboration with Grey Daturas, especially since we had such a blast of performing a improvisational set together at the latest ZXZW festival in The Netherlands.

What do you expect of the forthcoming tour with Jesu?
It goes without saying that I’m very proud and happy to be part of the European Jesu tour. But to be honest I just don’t know how people will respond to my live drones as it’s still something different from what Jesu plays live. But I like the challenge and most of all I just look forward to hang out with Justin Broadrick as it seems we’ve been appreciating each other’s work since the early days (when I was still doing vidnaObmana).

What’s on your stereo right now?
Kinski – Down Below It’s Chaos
Andrew Chalk – Goldfall
Lotus Eaters – Wurmwulv
Grey Daturas – Path of niners

01 – ffb vs bass communion (steve wilson/ porcupine tree)

02 – ffb vs final (justin k broadrick/ jesu)
03 – ffb vs freiband
04 – ffb (steve von till/ neurosis)
05 – ffb vs birchville cat motel
06 – ffb vs byla (dysrhythmia)
07 – ffb vs aidan baker (nadja)
08 – ffb vs johannes person (cult of luna)
09 – ffb vs jefre cantu-ledesma (tarentel)
10 – ffb vs stefano pilia (3/4hadbeeneliminated)