Histoire – The Future of White America (2006)

I am better known for playing in rock groups like Human Cock, Teith, Pelican, The Look Ahead, and gazillion others, but I got my start as a musician doing home recordings and making up songs on 4-track tape recorders and so forth. After several years of work, I assembled an anthology of the most sucessful tape experiments I had done in 2000, settling on the name “Histoire” to categorize these works.The name “histoire” is deroved from the French word for story, but it is often applied by film critics to refer to films the lack voice over narration; that substitute their internal reality for the viewers’ for the course of their duration. I found the term fitting, as the goal of recorded works geared toward deep listening is much the same – an alternate reality, a story that unfolds in the interpretation of the listener.This past year I released two new albums: “Architecture” on my own Migration Media, and “The Future of White America” on Atomic Mouse Recordings.
Trevor Debrauw