"I think that Carla R. Bozulich is the greatest rock singer that is on the planet right now"

Lydia Lunch said and when Lydia Lunch says something we agree. She also said this:

I love Carla, she’s one of my absolute favourite songstresses, she’s so magical, she’s so deep, she’s had so much torture in her life, she can tell you all about that in her own stories, which she does, and I just think she’s highly underrated. She can do Willie Nelson, rock, Tom Waits. She sang with me on a few songs on my album Smoke In The Shadows with the Anubian Lights and she sang a song on my upcoming Cypress Grove record which is out next year. I had her recorded in my house which was pretty interesting because the song was done, I had sung my parts and Carla put the headphones on and I couldn’t hear any music and it was just screaming. It didn’t sound as mad and out there in the context of the song as it did when I heard her singing raw. She was reaching from the bottom of her toes to halfway to the moon to grab all these beautiful and bizarre notes. She’s absolutely a genius.

More here. As you know, Carla will be playing at Amplifest with Evangelista.