Inside Amplifest: Process of Guilt

We’ve been talking about space freak bands which shall make you travel deep into outer space and new galaxies, either in a jam-fueled shuttle or in your dreams. Let’s keep the metaphor and just say Process of Guilt are the most humongous black hole you can probably imagine. They’re dark and they’re as heavy as a freaking planet.

To keep it simple, here’s what you should expect: to get punched ‘till half dead by monolithic riffs. Slowly. The worst part? You will most likely love it, because they are good, they know their doom, they mixed it up with a little bit of JK Broadrick influence and they’re second timers in Amplifest, so they’ll be playing at home.

We had a chat with Hugo from Process of Guilt and he sure sounded excited:

What do you expect of the Amplifest audience?

That’s a tough one! We’re used to be on the other side of that question, “i.e. what the audience expect from us?” but, given the inversion, sincerely, I just expect a focused audience who can fully appreciate and absorb our music and live performance.

We like surprises, but what can we expect from your show?

We’re going to focus our show on our last album «FÆMIN» and, based on that, I believe you can expect an intense show full of true delivery and raw energy.

What band do you really want to see at Amplifest?

If the question refers to an Amplifest dream edition, I have to mention the headliners of the 1st edition, Godflesh. And if you could add Swans to this equation, it’d be a win-win situation. Nevertheless, this year’s line-up is full of great bands that I’m really into, like Amenra or Ufomammut. So, I guess those will be the ones I’ll be looking for.

If you had to pick a band or a musician of this Amplifest edition to play with who would it be?

Playing is really an extension of my life and the relations that I have in a given time. Right now, I don’t have that sort of “feeling” with anyone outside of my own band. So, I guess, for the moment, I’m really at ease with my role within Process of Guilt, both as member and as musician, and playing with those guys is well enough for me.

What records have you been listening lately?

It’s been a busy year with a lot of great music, but right now I’m listening to the last albums from Converge (All We Love We Leave Behind), Swans (The Seer), Wovenhand (The Laughing Stalk), Pig Destroyer (Book Burner), Graveyard (Lights Out) and Birds In Row (You, me and the violence) to name just a few.

Enough about music, Amplifest is also about other arts. What have books have you been reading and what movies have you been watching lately that you want to recommend?

Lately, I’ve been reading some biographies, mainly about characters from the Sunset Strip’ scene, like Slash (“Slash, with Anthony Bozza”), Duff (“It’s So Easy: and other lies”) or Motley Crue (“The Dirt – Confessions of the World’s Most Notorious Rock Band”) as a sort of getting to know the basics about the eighties rock’n’roll scene. This is a scene so far detached from my own experience that, in fact, I found some amusement in those lines.
With regard to movies, as time and money are, indeed, additional concerns for my daily activities, probably, the last one I saw was an old movie like “Aliens” or so in some cable channel. So, sorry, but I believe I have nothing relevant to add to this subject.

We sure can’t wait until next weekend!