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Confirma-se o nome do novo álbum: In the Absence of Truth.
A Ipecac já disponibilizou o primeiro avanço (Dulcinea) para o mesmo que sairá no dia 31 de Outubro. Pode ser ouvida/sacada aqui:
A julgar por esta faixa temos uns Isis que não param no tempo nem repetem fórmulas. É sem dúvida uma banda que tenta sempre ir mais longe. Daqui a uns tempos poderemos julgar melhor.
A tracklist será a seguinte:
1 – Wrists Of Kings
2 – Not In Rivers, But In Drops
3 – Dulcinea
4 – Over Root And Thorn
5 – 1000 Shards
6 – All Out Of Time, All Into Space
7 – Holy Tears
8 – Firdous E Bareen
9 – Garden Of Light
Fiz uma pesquisa na wikipedia sobre alguns nomes e eis os resultados:
“Dulcinea is a
fictional character who is referred to (but does not appear) in Cervantes‘ novel Don Quixote. Seeking after the traditions of the knights-errant of old, Don Quixote finds a true love whom he calls Dulcinea. She is a simple peasant in his home town, but Quixote imagines her to be the most beautiful of all women. At times, Quixote goes into detail about her appearance, though he freely admits that he has never seen her. On a side note, Sancho Panza pretends that a rather ugly country woman is Dulcinea so he does not have to go find her. Quixote believes this as Sancho insists that she is under a spell. Later in the story, Quixote dreams of what he thinks Dulcinea looks like and the Duke and Duchess procure a young boy to dress up as her. This is the closest Quixote ever gets to seeing his love.
In the
Spanish of the time, Dulcinea means something akin to an overly elegant “sweetness”. In this way, Dulcinea is an entirely fictional person for whom Quixote relentlessly fights. To this day, a reference to someone as your “dulcinea” implies hopeless devotion and love for her.”
“Firdous e Bareen (or ????? ???? in Persian and Urdu) was the name of the garden made by Hassan-i-Sabah and his band of Nizari Ismaili Shiite fugitives (the Hashshashin) in the Elburz mountains of Northern Iran, imitating paradise or heaven. This paradise was furnished with all luxuries of life, even a rivulet of wine and was used to recruit assassins to Hassan’s militia. The person to be recruited was drugged to simulate a “dying” to later have them awaken in a garden flowing with wine and served a sumptuous feast by virgins. The supplicant was then convinced he was in Heaven and that Sabbah was a minion of the divinity and that all of his orders should be followed, even to death.”

Entretanto, o dvd sairá no dia 26 de Setembro e tudo indica que será a oitava maravilha do mundo:
GLISTEN / 11.05.2005 / the troubadour, los angeles, ca
WEIGHT* / 11.05.2005 / the troubadour, los angeles, ca
CELESTIAL / 08.26.2001/ cbgb’s, new york, ny
COLLAPSE AND CRUSH / 08.26.2001/ cbgb’s, new york, ny
GRINNING MOUTHS / 02.05.2005 / club quattro, tokyo, japan
CFT / 06.03.2001/ cbgb’s, new york, ny
GENTLE TIME / 06.03.2001/ cbgb’s, new york, ny
FULL PERFORMANCE (70+ minutes) / 02.11.2005 / annandale, sydney, australia**

IN FICTION / music video / directed by josh graham
GALLERY / extensive photos by isis and associates
DISCOGRAPHY / extensive info and images on isis’ complete discography

exclusive art/photos/images- extensive liner notes- complete lyrics for all tracks included on DVD “

*with an expanded lineup consisting of: Troy Zeigler (Exit Strategy, Square John) on percussions, and Justin Chancellor (Tool) on bass guitar.
**posso adiantar que a setlist desde concerto foi a seguinte:
so did we
the beginning and the end
in fiction
wills disolve
grinning mouths
altered course
from sinking

Para terminar:

Isis + Aereogramme – “In The Fishtank” sai dia 25 de Setembro. Para ñ alongar mais isto, aqui vai o link com toda a info:

Melhor banda de sempre. Ponto final oo/


in the absence of truth:

in the fishtank (c/ aereogramme):